How to start a Delhivery Franchise
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How to start a Delhivery Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Delhivery Franchise Can make your dream come true. E-commerce business is the order of the day, and this business sector has improved a lot in recent years. The customers are more inclined towards online products because of many reasons. Many websites offer discounts, and as such, the price of the product is also less. At the same time, these products are delivered directly to your house.

The human effort on the customer’s side is vastly decreased. Any product in this world has gone online for delivery. It is highly impossible to find an alternative that can offer value as well as price as this. In this regard, the development of third-party logistics companies became inevitable. We must know what third-party logistics companies are before getting further.

A third-party logistics company is an organization that does delivery services for e-commerce companies. Without their support, the delivery is not possible at all. Moreover, these companies will have access to the seller as well as the buyer. Delhivery is one such company that deals as a third-party organization that facilitates pickup and delivery services. They are also into courier services that shall ensure the picking up of the consignment and deliver it to the right location.


The History of Delhivery

The company started with ten people in the year 2011. They were delivering food and flowers to the local people of Gurugram. This idea became a big hit when they understood that 3rd party logistics could do wonders. With the boom of the e-commerce industry, their giant stride started. The very quick development is making 500 deliveries per day by December 2011. They started their journey by connecting with various e-commerce giants. Delhivery is the giant in 3rd party logistics for the e-commerce companies.


What is Unique about Delhivery Franchise?

First up, they are operating all over India. They offer services not only to the big e-commerce companies but also to the small ones. They have clients nationwide. Any online consumption in India is done by Delhivery most of the time. Their vision of making online consumption easy is coming to reality. The strategic approach towards delivery and comprehensive technical support is making things possible for them.

The approach towards making the delivery process simple is most commendable. It also offers technology services to the e-commerce companies that make it easy for them in their business. They also deliver couriers to houses by picking it from the doorstep.

The massive development in the wide-area delivery approach has made them the best. If you are planning to be a Delhivery Franchise Partner, this would be the right time.


What are the benefits of having a Delhivery Franchise?

They are the delivering monopoly, what are the other requirements? There are few clinical aspects that we shall see as the benefits. The significant advantage is the funding that they receive from major companies. Most importantly, these e-commerce companies are relying only on Delhivery. They are the trusted partners for delivering their products to the desired location.

The traditional approach of courier service was changed, and that has taken the nation by storm. Any customer seeks Delhivery’s support in delivering their consignment.

More importantly, the franchise fee is also so low that you can afford it.

Maximizing business is just a decision away. Do you want to become a Delhivery Franchise partner? Go further.


Basic Requirements for setting up the Delhivery Franchise

If you are planning for a Delhivery Franchise, you must meet the following criteria.

Commercial Space – Area and Dimensions

Space must consist of at least 400 Square feet, also It can be owned, rented, or leased. Delhivery gives flexibility here if the area gets a ton of crowd, and if it is a busy business hub, then the area can be less. The commercial space must have enough space to keep the consignments. The storage of consignments must be safe and secured. No threat of theft and rodent damages, and it also must have a weighing machine.

Experience of the Workmen

The only expertise is, the person should have a thorough knowledge of the place because he will be moving on the field to collect and deliver. It is always an excellent recommendation that the person is well versed in the geographical location. Other than this, there is no special skill set required.

Exclusive Training

Delhivery offers virtual and Classroom training for the franchise partners, and you shall be trained for everything. The process-related for collecting and delivering couriers shall be exclusively trained. You will also get training on packing methodologies and pricing aspects. They are well trained in such a way that you can answer any query concerning the services.

Requirements of Minimum Staff Members

There are only two staff members required, and this is the minimum criteria. It is an expectation that both staffs takes care of everything, right from packing till delivery. The status of the delivery packages shall be informed to the staff by the company.


How much does a Delhivery Franchise cost?

A total of INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000/- is to be paid, however, It may differ based on the city. If it is a larger city, the cost may be higher but lies in between the quote, as mentioned above. Additionally, the franchise partner must set up the office with a Laptop and Printer. Further, a barcode scanner, weighing machine must be available.

Delhivery offers two types of franchise options.

  1. Constellation
  2. Cosmos

Constellation requires you to pay anywhere between 2 to 5 lakhs.

You can recover the investment within one year from the date of the start. There must be excellent support and effort from your end to achieve this feat.



Being a part of the logistics giant is a dream come true because the life of people is going online. Every aspect of life is virtually connected too. Making customers’ lives easy is the prime option to make good money. Additionally, if you have the urge to do business in the logistics sector, this would be the best option. It is always best to join the masters to learn and excel. Delhivery is a giant, and they shall remain the same, Becoming a Delhivery Franchise entitles you to be in the path to success. All the Best!!!