How to start a Make My Trip Franchise
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How to start a Make My Trip Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Make My Trip Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

India is especially known for its incredible and adaptive tourist spots. Due to this beneficial factor, tourism and travel are among the most profitable and widely spread industries in India. Every year millions of people travel to India to adapt to the beauty of Indian culture and historic destinations and spend a lot on booking hotels and transport.

Even in 2016, the travel industry earned 16.91 lakh crore rupees, which means travel industries contributed around 9.2% in India’s GDP. In the same year, the travel industry offered approximately 42.673 million new jobs.

Besides, according to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, India holds 34th rank out of 140 countries overall. And, by considering its rapidly increasing growth rate, India’s high expectations retain a better position in this list in upcoming years.

Due to this reason, many multinational and international companies are investing in the tour and travel industries. Hundred thousand hotels and travel agencies are being enrolled in infamous companies for increasing their market value. Now the most difficult question is which travel and tour company is suitable to join. Well, MakeMyTrip (MMT) stands on top of the list with its remarkable benefits.


Why MakeMyTrip?

MakeMyTrip is a highly rated travel company globally founded in 2000 by an alumnus of IIM-Ahmadabad name called Deep Kalra. MMT’s headquarters are placed in Gurugram and Haryana, providing bus tickets, flight tickets, national and international holiday packages, hotel booking, and many more.


The great journey of MakeMyTrip

Initially, they started their services in the United States in 2000 to allow US natives and Indians to travel to India from the US. Along with the time the company grew and achieved remarkable goals. After the US, MMT started serving in India by the year 2005. Because most people prefer to book their room and tickets online before their journey, so this was a tremendous advantage for MMT to come in the Indian market.

Then, this incredibly growing platform MMT comes at a point where people started showing their interest in it. On August 17 of 2010, MakeMyTrip linked in NASDAQ, which was a fantastic achievement for the company. m

Further, in 2011, they launched their first mobile application, which can be run in almost every Smartphone. When the company is at the boom and making millions while maintaining its quality services, a Chinese travel booking company comes forward to invest $180 million to MMT. After that, in 2018, on March 31, they successfully developed their more than 30 branches, opened many travel offices in 28 various cities, and was still growing to achieve a new level of success.


What are the USP of MakeMyTrip Franchise?

One can experience numerous profitable advantages after being a part of MakeMyTrip in comparison with any other company.

Operational Support

MakeMyTrip is a great online tour and travel platform, maintaining the trust of millions because MMT takes care of both customers and partners. Their leading business staff gives proper guidance and support to their hard-working franchise owners. They have a team of highly skilled staff of professionals for 24*7 backup supports. Besides, their dedicated regional teams help you to handle day-to-day tasks.


Marketing Support

Don’t worry about your store branding and designing because MakeMyTrip’s team will take care of it. Their experts will design your store as per MMT’s retail identity. They also provide media support to publish the store in the market by mentioning the store’s address & phone number.


Training and Requirement

MakeMyTrip makes sure that its business team is matching all criteria of their quality demand. For this, they provide training programs to help franchise staff to understand every critical aspect of the business. They frequently organize the training sessions at the franchise location by their experts.



To keep their partners motivated to maintain their dedication and productivity in the company, MMT offers opportunities to their franchise partners to earn a performance-linked bonus. Moreover, the MakeMyTrip team organized a pan India franchise meet, where they discussed top performers and achievements and praised them with rewards.


What are the requirements for starting a MakeMyTrip franchise?

After mentioning all the necessary information regarding MMT, here are the essential and detailed descriptions of how to start making my trip franchise in India. Before entering the main phase, here are some basic requirements necessary to fulfill before pursuing further.


MakeMyTrip is highly rated and a well-known online travel service provider, so while giving someone else their franchise, they must consider that their future store must be on the main road.

Enough space

MMT provides a huge and quite expensive glow signboard, which is visible from miles. Therefore, to place this board on your location, you must have enough space to put it at your outlet.


The company will guide the entire interior design of the building. For this, the MMT will pay the total expense of modifying your building interior and exterior. Also, power backup is necessary at your outlet.


How much does it cost to start a MakeMyTrip Franchise in India?

Area and Cost

There are four options to set an MMT’s franchise outlet. For Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, the area requirement is 400-600 Sq.ft. And, for small towns, the area requirement is between 250-400 Sq.ft.

All these four levels have a specific amount to pay as franchise fees, and they are all non-refundable.

Tier 1

Franchise fees are INR 10, 00,000, which is very non-refundable.

Project fitment cost is 400,000

Minimum Expected Revenue per month in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year is INR 1, 50,000, INR 180,000, and INR 225,000 accordingly.

Term of Agreement 3 years

Tier 2

Franchise fees are INR 750,000, which is very non-refundable.

Project fitment cost is 300,000

Minimum Expected Revenue per month in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year is INR 1, 00,000, INR 125,000, and INR 150,000 accordingly.

Term of Agreement 3 years

Tier 3

Franchise fees are INR 5, 00,000 that is very non-refundable.

Project fitment cost is 150,000

Minimum Expected Revenue per month in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year is INR 80,000, INR 100,000, and INR 125,000 accordingly.

Term of Agreement 3 years


The process to start a MakeMyTrip Franchise

Appropriately fill up the franchise form with all valid information and required documents.

Have an in-depth and fruitful discussion with the MMT’s business team support staff.

After gathering all relevant information, go and have a meeting at MakeMyTrip’s head office, and make sure to read all legal documents before signing them.

Look for the best location for the franchise and finalize the deal.

Set up an interior according to the given guidelines by MMT.

Once done with all formalities, launch your MakeMyTrip franchise outlet.



Finally, to elucidate this, it is worth mentioning that MakeMyTrip can give an ultimate boost to your business and take it to the next level with the help of your dedication and their professional commutative team.