How to Open Pizza Hut Franchise
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How to Open Pizza Hut Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Pizza Hut Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

When we talk about Pizza in India, we must be talking about Pizza Hut. The name is mouth-watering enough to cause many attractions to visit the store, irrespective of the time in hand.


System of Pizza Hut Franchise in India

To obtain the Franchisee of Pizza Hut, the entrepreneur need not burn any midnight oil, because it is straightforward. The interested person has to visit the company’s website and fill out the requisite form to apply to the dealership. The mandatory information to be filled up are the entrepreneur’s official as well as personal details.


Post submission of Application form

After the successful introduction of the application, the support staff of the Pizza Hut franchise in India studies the application form. An aspiring entrepreneur has to pass through some interviews, in addition to his/her background checks. After the approval of the application, another three to nine months are required for finally opening the store, depending on the location and the size of the business.


Pizza Hut Franchise support & training

Franchise-partners’ employees get the necessary training. The training is on the job training, not precisely classroom training. The span of the training is between 8 to 12 weeks. During this training, Pizza Hut renders two forms of exercise. The first one is “conventional business support,” where the participants can learn about the franchise-conventions and the inside business knowledge. The second training in rendering marketing techniques is a significant asset for any new entrepreneur and remains abreast of the “Pizza Hut’s” brand name.


Things to know about opening Pizza Hut’s franchise and its related Cost, Return on investment and Profit

The internationally well-acclaimed fas food chain is just 15 years old in India but has already possessed assets worth 37 billion USD. The company’s popularity is hugely spiraling across the world. The upsurge in its growth-curve has never stooped downwards even once in these fifteen years of its operations in India.

The younger generations in India remain crazy for fast food, in place of homemade or traditional cuisines, making the fast-food industry a great hit, Pizza Hut leads the race. India has almost 170 home service units across India and very rapidly increasing.


The profitability factor for Pizza Hut franchisee

The indisputable truth is The Pizza Hut & its parent company, Yum! It’s been a great success across the world. So, getting any franchise is a “sure shot” in the goal post. The Indian younger generations are so crazy for the famous food brand that they are growing their craze for the westernized items in their lifestyles, foods being their regular preferred items.

With this perspective, there is no doubt that any Pizza Hut franchisee in India will surely earn a good fortune. The additional advantages the Franchisee will enjoy will be the marketing or advertising of the product. The company’s branding is strong enough to support an entrepreneur. The quality of the food is so established in the market that it acts as an additional value-added to the booming brand.


The cost and ROI of Pizza Hut

It is commonly heard that to get a franchisee of Pizza Hut; one has to arrange for at least two crores. However, there is no hard and fast rule for opening a Pizza Hut franchise in India. It is a perfect location, the density of the customers, and so the size of the store has to be the determining factor for investing in the enterprise. Nonetheless, a more practical consideration gives the impression that an investment amount of 14 lakhs is a level playing amount for any standard Pizza Hut franchise in India, subject to the prevailing conservatism in the typical Indian society.


Pizza Hut’s Royalty Factor

The company charges 6.5% over and above the Profit of the Franchisee as royalty for the company, as the cost of the copyrights and brand name.


Pizza Hut Franchise Space Requirement

There is no hard & fast rule or mandatory requirement of the space for opening any Pizza Hut franchise in India. As per market standards, the store size between 1000 Sq Ft to 1500 Sq Ft will be a reasonable area for any standardized store. To be more conversant about this matter or in any case related to Franchisee, you can better log on to the website of the pizza hut.