How to Open Thick Shake Factory Franchise
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How to Open Thick Shake Factory Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Thick Shake Factory Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

Thick shakes had not been a new introduction to the Indian market and people welcomed it with their hearts wide open. The Thick Shake Factory is the one to get all the credits for this game change.

The thick and flavorful shakes from the Thick Shake Factory franchise in India will leave you in love with the incredible addition in the beverage industry.

Yeshwanth Nag and Ashwin Nag, two young brothers launched the company in Hyderabad in 2013 after years of research on the market and the milkshakes.

Yeshwanth was the one to have this vision in mind and after a year of procrastinating, they finally started. On the first day of their launch, they made sales of 30,000 rupees. This continued for 2 months and then the company scaled even higher.

Source: The News Minute

What are the benefits of owning a Thick Shake Factory in India?

First of its kind

Bringing the concept of thick shakes in the market, the Thick Shake Factory is one of its kind. The company has a loyal customer base already. The market is all about customized products today and the company is on the same path.



The brand has been able to earn immense popularity with its unique concept. The young crowd has accepted the idea and has made the brand really popular in the country.



The popularity and the financial growth of the company are on a rise. With the same, the company is looking forward to expansion in the whole country. This means if your city or town does not have an outlet already, this can be a great thing for you then grab the chance and grow along with the company.


How much does it cost to establish a Thick Shake Franchise?

As the company is comparatively new and the products are limited to beverages, the investment amount is not a major one.

To start up with the franchise, the franchise owner will need a sum of 20 to 30 lakh rupees. The franchise fee varies depending on the space of the outlet. It will cost the owner between 5 to 7 lakh rupees.

On sales, the company demands a royalty fee of 8%. And the fee of the brand will be around 8 lakh rupees.

This fee is applicable for a term of 5 years. The long term franchise ensures the growth of the business. The terms then can be renewed 5 years later if the franchise owner wants to.


What are the requirements to start the Thick Shake Factory franchise?

The space required to start a Thick Shake franchise is between 200 to 1000 sq feet. The company aims to keep the space open and welcoming to attract customers. It is also mandatory for the outlet to be in a mall or on a street with high footfall.

The company is comparatively new and is growing at a high pace. For the same, the company demands a professional who has experience in handling business before. However, it is not mandatory to have prior experience in the same industry.

The company is growing and in the next three years, they strive to open up 500+ more stores. For the same, they are targeting more cities and more franchise owners.

Currently, they are operating in 100+ locations in 26 cities in the USA and India combined. They are operating in 4 Indian cities right now and have their target on more.

The company has been running for 4 years and is targeting to achieve more success in the near future.

The franchise owner is supposed to take training at the head office of the company. For the rest of the employees, the company provides a manual for smooth working.



Owning a Thick Shake Factory franchise in India can prove to be a great investment and business opportunity. The company is on expansion and has been able to gain enough popularity to make good profits and attract customers.

Their amazing shakes, especially hazelnut and rainbow sprinkles in thick layers of the shake make the customer fall in love.

The returns on the investment as per the statistics are amazing. And with the same, the recovery of the investment would not take too long.

The franchise can have a monopoly in the market as the product is still very rarely available anywhere else.