How to start a Thyrocare Franchise
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How to start a Thyrocare Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Thyrocare Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.


Company History

Thyrocare was found in 1996, to provide affordable and great quality services to laboratories and hospitals in India. Byculla, Mumbai is the first headquaters of the company. However, at present, the Heaaauters are situated in Navi Mumbai. In the beginning, Thyrocare was mainly dealing with thyroid tests only, but now it is dealing with more than 200 different tests. This chain of diagnostic laboratories now comprises of thousands of centers across India.

  •  In 2000, the company was named “Thyrocare Technologies Limited” and it got the certificate for commencement of operations in the same year.
  •  In 2001, it received ISO 9001 certification that extended up-to ISO 9001:2008 certification. The company also obtained certifications like Grade A by CRISIL for its excellent quality services, CAP certification, and in 2005, it gained accreditation from NABL.

Thyrocare has also awarded as the world’s first laboratory to bring laboratory automation in Mumbai during 2014.


What distinguishes Thyrocare from others


Thyrocare is a great innovation in the medical field in terms of cost. The unique feature of this brand is that it provides the most advanced services at an affordable price. It has never stopped to give the best in the least possible prices. It also sells equipment packages to other hospitals and laboratories at the most reasonable cost.


Thyrocare Technologies Limited has its huge network in about 2000 cities in India. It has almost 1300 franchise outlets, and thus, its services are available 24 hours a day. The management of the whole system is running very well, and it is growing day by day. It has gained the trust of most reputed hospitals because of its quick availability for operations.


Quality is the foremost aim of the company. No doubt, it has never compromised on the quality of the service for its audience, which is another unique feature. The reason that it is awarded certifications is the best quality service and efforts it makes for the satisfaction of its customers. All the professionals involved are well experienced who make the best use of the equipment and come up with accurate results.


Benefits of having Thyrocare Franchise in India

Anyone owning a laboratory might be wondering about perks of getting a franchise from Thyrocare. In the diagnostic industry, Thyrocare is the leader, and it has a wide network across the country. So, there is not just one, but many benefits that Thyrocare franchise in India offers:

  • Thyrocare is not just a company, but it is a brand. If you want a brand name associated with your laboratory and get better returns, then nothing would be better than this.
  • Thyrocare is an innovator in the diagnostic industry. It is growing rapidly since the date it started. So, there is no going back, and investment in this field will promise you a great future.
  • Thyrocare is very well-reputed, and it is getting support from around 1 lakh doctors and almost 40, 000 hospitals and laboratories in India. The reason is that they are available anytime for their customers.
  • There is an optional training program for franchises and all their staff members that guide through the process of running a diagnostic laboratory, and they provide a beginner manual to the franchise owners. Every investor gets an officer assigned for them who is there for all the queries.
  • Thyrocare provides important updates and offers via Email to its new franchise from time to time. They don’t compromise with the quality in every service they offer, and it is best for an entrepreneur seeking a business in the field of healthcare.


What are the requirements for setting up a Thyrocare Franchise?

You can apply for the Thyrocare franchise in India at the official site of Thyrocare. For setting up a Thyrocare franchise, some requirements which, need to complete. It involves area, skills, investment, etc.

  • The minimum area requirement for the establishment of the franchise is 250 Sq. ft. You can use your land, or you can take it on lease. There are 1300 outlets of this company that are operational in many cities in India.
  • You need at least 15 staff to start the business. The technicians, biochemists, pathologists, and others need to be highly qualified and skilled for zero error in results. The staff you hire should have a kind attitude towards their customers. They need to have all the knowledge regarding the running of diagnostic and preventive care laboratories.
  • Now comes the last part, which is an investment. For the opening of a franchise outlet, the cost will be around 1 Lakh. Additionally, 25,000 extra for the franchise fee towards the company. It will take six months to get your investments back.



From the very beginning, the Thyrocare franchise in India has emerged as bliss for the healthcare industry. It is very well known for its remarkable 24*7 available services. It has secured its presence in almost 2000 cities and is proving itself as very cost-effective. Almost every doctor considers the tests as very reliable with no errors. The company is also giving facilities of free home sample collection in all the cities where the services are presently available. The lab technicians, pathologists, and other professionals are very well-experienced. Thyrocare focuses on providing the best of technologies.


We have mentioned everything about this company in our article. The uniqueness, advancement of this brand, and the benefits it provides, all are just wonderful for any entrepreneur to consider. Also, when you are willing to set up a business in the healthcare sector, then why not start with a brand. As most of the startups go unnoticed, it is a great opportunity to start your business with a brand franchise that will give you the best in everything, whether it is chance, recognition, or profit.