How to start a Tibbs Frankie Franchise
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How to start a Tibbs Frankie Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Tibbs Frankie Franchise is the three-decade-old food company that has turned out to be the most favorite place for many people. The name of the restaurant is given after Frank Powell. This group first came into existence in the year 1969 in Mumbai.

There is an interesting story behind the invention of this brand. While tasting the Lebanese item made of Pita bread, Mr. Amarjit Singh Tibb and his wife Surinder Tibb realized that North Indian food lacks something crucial for increasing the food’s taste. Keeping all the things on the note, they started and gave birth to Tibbs Frankie.

Everyone knows that this couple has an interest in trying various cuisines. Soon after the commencement of this brand, the couple introduced many spices to make the food delicious. They also gained the trust of many people.

They registered their restaurant under the name of Tibbs Bar-B-Q. It was in the year 1985 when the Tibbs family included Mr. Charanjit Singh Tibb as the head of Finance and Sales. He entrusted with the work of local marketing and brand evolution. Mr. Jasmit Tibb joined this group in 1992, and he is looking after the restaurant operations in Dubai and the UK.


USP of Tibbs Frankie

The wraps of Tibbs Frankie are well known for its mouth-watering taste. The group has gained good fame and reputation because of its high-quality foods. The items that are available here accurately take care of spices and your taste buds. Bar-B-Q products are just amazing in all aspects. What about the masala of the Tibbs foods? If anyone consumes and has a bite of the Tibbs Frankie rolls, they will never forget the masala as the prime material inside the roll. It is with the contribution of this masala that the roll turns out to be unique. The Workers of Tibbs put hard efforts in preparing the masala.


Best benefits of Tibbs Frankie Franchise

If you are planning to opt for Tibbs Frankie franchise, you will benefit in various ways.

Let’s find out some benefits of opening the Tibbs Frankie outlet;

  • Tibbs, Frankie is an old brand that started its journey in 1969. So, in that aspect, it has already gained an excellent reputation and fame among the masses. The customers of Tibbs Frankie already know this group because of its quality food and authentic ingredients.
  • Tibbs, Frankie has always received a good response from the customers. No matter where the place is. As a franchise owner, you will surely receive an enormous amount of profits from the franchise. The franchise owner will also get pleasant benefits for the investment.
  • The franchise owner will also get a lot of opportunities and options in his career to look further.


The basics requirement to start Tibbs Frankie Franchise:

Some basic requirements should be kept in the mind while opening a franchise of Tibbs Frankie.


The most important thing is space and area. The owner should have enough space to open the franchise. You should not use some dingy space. Some spacious and famous landmarks would be the best options for the Tibbs Frankie franchise.


The franchise owner should possess the basic skills and management skills to open the shop. Agreeable experience in this field can help the owner set the business in a better way. It will help to earn the reputation of the company easily.

Operating regions

The franchise owner should also specify the area of its operation. Tibbs, Frankie is thinking of running their business in various countries of the world. It would be fine if people could open the branches in other states of the country.

Training session

To maintain its quality and reputation, the group organizes some training sessions to the selected franchise owners. It is a good decision, as, during this session, they teach the franchise owners several things. Tibb’s professionals take the training lessons with their vast knowledge in this field. It is a great initiative at the same time.

Staff requirement

A franchise always requires a minimum number of candidates in their staff panel to operate the shop successfully. Similarly, Tibbs Frankie also allows a minimum of 3 to 5 members should be present in every outlet, and It is mandatory in any situation.


Approximate cost to open Tibbs Franchise

As we all know, a minimum fund is required to open a franchise in any country. While opening a Tibbs Franchise, the owner should have a minimum fund of 1.5 lakhs of rupees. The initial investment is to be made by the owner. The agreement is for five years, and one can easily renew it after the tenure. The projection will directly be plotted on the amount of the footfall. It directed that one should try to make 500 on every group’s order.

One will take about ten months to make a profit on the initial investment. However, the previous franchise owner’s record is reviewed and found that the projected profitability graph has increased right from the outlet’s opening. There has been none such loss from the business. It is a remarkable thing.



Tibbs Frankie is a class, and it is a significant decision to take the franchise of such a reputed brand. The company has worked on improving its status and quality. It never compromises with the standard under any situation. The people who are associated or linked with this group have been serving it for a long time. They are dedicated and perfect employees.

It is the correct time to take a franchise of such a wonderful group as it can open up new avenues. It shows a unique path to the aspiring businessman.