How to start a Apollo Diagnostics Franchise
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How to start a Apollo Diagnostics Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

The Healthcare industry in India has become more prominent these days. With the Indian Medical community planning to reach far ahead towards vaccination and care, more India’s diagnostic centers have become inevitable. The concept of diagnostic centers was not available for a long time. Until recently, where the need for it arose in the form of future ailment predictions and prevention methods, the diagnostic centers emerged so fast. The prominent name in this sector is the Apollo Diagnostics.

They are pioneers of healthcare in India, and their model of diagnostic centers also paid off well. The hassle of standing in a queue in the hospitals and need-based tests only recorded are a few reasons Apollo Diagnostics was formed. A versatile center with top-class equipment took the medical world by storm in a very short period. The high-quality lab facilities and rapid report making made the people reach out to them in masses. Further, the amicable staff and minimal tests are making them even more prominent. If you are looking for a franchise partnership in the healthcare field, the Apollo Diagnostics franchise shall be an intelligent option.


History of Apollo Diagnostics Center

As we all know, Apollo diagnostic is a part of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. The major name in the Indian Healthcare community started this venture in 2015. Before that, the model was only hospitals. The chain of hospitals Apollo has in India is numerous. Their diversified business outlook made them start the pharmacy and simultaneously the diagnostic centers. The high-quality healthcare equipment with affordable cost has made them march stronger in the later years. Apollo diagnostics has 100 centers across India, and they are looking to expand big. It is mainly to make the vision true; high-quality tests at affordable rates. Till now, they are successful, and they are bound to be the best in this venture too.


USP of Apollo Diagnostics Center

Apollo hospital is a massive enterprise, and anyone who knows it will rely completely on Apollo’s products. Be it the pharmacy or the diagnostic centers. The high-quality tests done at the centers are a part of Apollo’s high-quality treatment mission at a low cost. The branched out feature of the diagnostic center is itself a great proposition to take up the franchise.

Statistics show that there are around 3.5 million tests taken in a year by the diagnostic centers. It is a massive number, and these counts are bound to increase in the future. People’s awareness of health and medicare has gone beyond limits, and they are sure believing only in branded centers.

The diagnostic experts you shall appoint for your franchise shall be exclusively trained by Apollo hospitals’ experts. Right from the equipment usage until the report generation shall be coached to achieve excellence.

What we must not forget is, Apollo diagnostic centers became 0 to 100 in just 18 months. It is a whopping growth, and still, there is a need for Apollo diagnostics franchise partners. Are you the one?


Benefits of Being an Apollo Diagnostics Franchise Partner

Apollo is a brand in itself. Right from 1983, they have built a very strong, loyal customer base. They shall only rely on Apollo outlets. Moreover, the customer count seems to be increasing day by day. It adds to the benefit of making maximum revenue.

There is a major demand for high-class laboratories in India. Apollo is one of the major contenders who offer the best services to Indians. With the advent of an increased patient count, there is a need for more high-quality diagnostic centers.

The experience Apollo has in the medical industry is enough for generations to come. The amount of training and clinical treatment advances are always offered right from the experts. The major aspect of being considered is its relentless services and maximum patient footfall. It maximizes revenue and, thereby, more profit.

More importantly, there is less cost involved in taking the tests. This factor has been attracting customers for a very long time. It also adds to your benefit to be the best in your business.

The last significant benefit is, the Apollo diagnostic franchise comes at a really low running cost. It is a sheer benefit for most of them who aspire to be successful in the healthcare domain.


Major requirements for setting up the Apollo Diagnostics Franchise

To begin with, the space for the diagnostic center, and it must be between 200 to 250 square feet. It does not end here; your location must be in a residential area. Further, the middle class or upper-middle-class community is preferred. It is also an expectation to have space on the ground floor.

Secondly, the franchise owner must have the experience of running a pharmaceutical store. You may also be a healthcare professional. Doctors are highly preferred.

The head office helps in selecting the place of business. The head office also offers logistics support.

The staff count shall be between 10 to 15 people to run a diagnostic center successfully.


What will be the investment required to set up a Apollo Diagnostics Franchise?

If you plan for a diagnostic center alone, your investment shall be between 3 to 5 lakhs. At the same time, cluster centers require 15 to 20 lakhs. There is a brand fee of 1 lakh that needs to be paid to the Apollo Hospital enterprises.

It is highly likely to recover the investment in 1 year, and the franchise agreement shall stand for five years. You can renew the contract if you wish to.

The business in the healthcare center never fails. It is not only profitable but also a service to humanity. With the investment being so low, the profit-making options are more. The expert training and assistance is highly commendable. The eligibility criteria are rigid and the most needed for you to get the franchise partnership.

The high-quality equipment requires to be operated by high-quality experts. Apollo helps with assistance in such aspects too. The franchise partnership is more of a dream come true to many. It requires the right blend of knowledge and experience.