How to start a Sastasundar Franchise
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How to start a Sastasundar Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

The Healthcare industry is booming in India. Evolution happens almost every day. The wide range of medical equipment, medical products, and medications have come to the highest standards. Though there is an area of improvement available in each healthcare industry area, the price at which the services and products offered remains the exploration area.

Many companies have come up with different models to offer services at an affordable price. As such, that is the customers’ need. High-quality, low price. Though the models have come as low price commodities, the quality at times is compromised. The blend of quality and price factor is the ace combination to be successful. In that way, Sastasundar is a highly prominent name that goes with the customers. They have products and services that can match the expectations of people. As the name implies, they have the quality that is priced very less for the people’s benefit.


How did Sastasundar become successful?

Sastasundar came into play in the year 2014, and it is named Sastasundar Ventures Ltd. It became famous for offering medical products at less price. is the online portal of the company that sells these products. Customers can go online and order their required products.

Moving further, the think tank of the management came up with Sastasundar Health buddy ltd, which is a store offering these products over the counter. Having their manufacturing unit making healthcare products, they also sell other prominent brands online and offline.

The digital pharmacy has connected itself with heal@home services where the doctors are deployed for treatment too. The idea to cater to the diet plan needs also started shortly with the YANA diet clinic.

The firm is superior to many in the industry because of its diversified services. The cherry on the cake is the diagnostic center. Taking up a Sastasundar Franchise is indeed a brilliant move.


What makes Sastasundar Franchise Unique?

The digital platform has a complete package for the customers, right from ordering medical products until a doctor’s appointment can make over the portal. Have being said that, many unique features have attracted customers all over—a few for your understanding.

The healthcare products are highly qualified and come from premium brands like Patanjali, Himalayas, ITC, Protinex, etc. Not only that, but it is also a one-stop solution for all your medical product needs. More importantly, the overall price is low, so that it is available for all types of customers.

The online portal’s fantastic option is to seek a doctor’s appointment, and complete healthcare service brings at home. This portal is widely popular for tracking your medication needs in the form of a Pill organizer.

The diagnostic center that they have is top-notch; however, the diagnosis and test charges are quite low. Further, inviting physicians home is the best move. All these factors make the brand a powerful one. It makes it so conducive for the franchise partners to flourish in a short period.


Numerous Benefits are available as a Franchise Partner

The primary business model has a significant benefit. The model offers high-quality products and services at a low price; it only possible because of technology’s help. Sastasundar has built its brand in recent years, with a massive expansion in the service areas. It has increased the customer count to rise rapidly. Genuine medicines and authentic services have already set a benchmark in the market.

The company offers all support in branding and advertising. The technological support is always available from the head office. As a franchise partner, you will have access to many health products. You don’t have to worry about taking the Drug license is done by health buddy themselves. The customer footfall is increasing day by day. The need for more offline stores has increased. It will be the right time to latch on to the opportunity. Take up Sastasundar Franchise right now.


Basic Requirements to Get Sastasundar Franchise

The floor area should be at least 120 Square feet. It can be a commercial space that should own or leased or even rented. The store must have a clear height of 8 feet, and it must have 6 feet frontage. Moreover, the shop is supposed to be closed with a shutter.

The other requirements in the shop are

  1. The shop must have a refrigerator, a capacity of 165 liters is fine.
  2. The shop must also have a computer table, table, chair, and a printer.

Further, the franchise partner must be well qualified. It is expected of the franchise partner to have at least a diploma in pharmacy. At the same time, thy also provide preference to candidates who have passed SSLC and also has a 4-year experience in the Pharmacy industry.

The head office offers operating manuals and training. The company also offers software support.

The staff requirement is quite meticulously planned with

  1. A well-experienced cashier
  2. Two full-time employees who are pharmacists must be available in the store.
  3. At least one delivery person is required.


What shall be the investment for setting up the Sastasundar Franchise?

A total of 3 lakhs is the amount that is the investment for this whole system. One lakh is the franchise security deposit that is refunded once the agreement gets terminated. The rest two lakhs is to procure drug license and trade license.

The recovery of the investment can be realized in 3 to 4 months.

The success of the organization then only depends upon you. You must take care of the brand image at any point in time. Further, becoming a Sastasundar Franchise partner is like a dream come true. The revenue that you can generate is huge.

The brand speaks for itself and makes the most of it. The healthcare industry shall be evolving still, and there may be more to come. is the most reached by people according to statistics. The mission of offering good quality products with low price has paid off.