How to start a Dessi Cuppa Franchise
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How to start a Dessi Cuppa Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Beverages of many types. Indians tend to drink juices of many varieties in different seasons. It depends on their mood, preference, weather condition, and the list shall go on. The primary aspect of a juice bar is to give excellent hospitality and thirst-quenching juice. Dessi Cuppa has developed its name in this arena for the past four years. The relaxing experience in their outlets and amazing lassi adds a right combination of tranquillity in life.


History of Dessi Cuppa

Dessi Cuppa began in the year 2015. The vision was to offer the best Desi drink to Indians. With a variety of juices available with them, lassi was their first choice. The people started moving into Dessi Cuppa for their taste. They gradually developed by offering different varieties of juices. The best part is, they offer their signature recipe juices.


What is Unique about Dessi Cuppa?

Dessi Cuppa is a fabulous juice bar that offers terrific juices and mocktails to the general public. The place always stays full of people; it is all because of the taste and the ambiance they set. The cool kiosk atmosphere with chairs and tables makes this place look compact and good. The number of items that they have on the menu is so much. They not only show the variety but also shows the effort put behind in finding the recipe,  and their lassy making style is unique and different from others. It is an apt place for friends and family to get together.


What are the benefits of having a Dessi Cuppa Franchise?

The modern outlook of the traditional drink is the best benefit. It has attracted a lot of people. The footfall of the people is increasing day by day, that it creates revenue every minute. Revenue equals profit margin inclusive. The healthy drink that they provide attracts a considerable number of people to the store.

Dessi Cuppa has developed so fast in the last four years. The rapid growth is only because of their juices. The utilization of traditional ingredients and using it in the modern arena is a unique combination. Being the leading company in the beverage industry, they have the maximum customer base.

Moreover, the price of juice is so less that anyone can afford it. The combination of quality and the price makes Dessi Cuppa the most sought after a juice bar.


Basic Requirements for setting up the Dessi Cuppa Franchise

The minimum requirements to get the Dessi Cuppa Franchise is simple. The commercial space must be anywhere between 200 to 500 square feet. Ensure, there is plenty of drinking water, and drainage facility is also available. Other than this, Dessi Cuppa expects Franchise Partners to be dedicated and offer excellent hospitality to the customers.


What will be the investment for owing a Dessi Cuppa Franchise

A total of INR 10 to 20 Lakhs is to be paid, most of the time it includes 1 lakh of the franchise fee. The company shall offer the entire shop set up, right from blenders till cash register. You are supposed to pay a 5% royalty of the revenue to the company every month.

With an average turn over INR Lakhs a month, the Dessi Cuppa franchise has assured its partners’ financial freedom. Get going and climb the ladder of success. All the best!!!