How to start a Jawed Habib Franchise
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How to start a Jawed Habib Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you planning to own a Jawed Habib Franchise? Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd. is the way forward. Jawad Habib is one of the best Hair Salon in the country, fully operational in 110 cities spread across 24 states. If you are looking for some beauty and hairstyling franchise to invest in, read on to know more about setting up and the requirements to own a Jawed Habib Franchise across the country.


Jawed Habib Company History

Running in the Family of Jawed Habib for three generations, the hair and beauty services have evolved quite a lot over the generations. Before him, Jawed Habib’s father, Habib Ahmed, used to be the in-house hairstylist at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Even before that, Jawed Habib’s grandfather was the personal hairstylist for Jawaharlal Nehru and Lord Mountbatten.

Jawed showed interest in the hairstyling since he was a child when he used to watch his father at work. He got into Morris School of Hair Design, London, and mastered the practices of hairstyling. He started his business by styling for families and house-wives in the beginning. Eventually, with his expertise and fine work, he became known to the rich and celebrities.

In the year of 2006, Jawed Habib opened his very first Salon in Kochi, Kerala. It was only in 2014 that other aspirants got opportunities to own Jawed Habib Franchises.


USP of the Jawed Habib Franchise

Some of the USPs of Jawed Habib Franchise In India are:

  • It sets a benchmark of quality that is up to the standards of the Jawed Habib Salons.
  • The Franchises offer premium hair styling, coloring, grooming, and other beauty services.
  • They have well-trained staff, trained by Jawed Habib himself.
  • The customer-centric services provide customized hairstyling and grooming experiences to one and all.
  • With the variety of services, it is affordable for both the rich celebrities and the general public.
  • It is a celebrated brand, with marginally higher prices but exceptional services for all.


Benefits of having a Jawed Habib salon franchise

One might be wondering as to why choose the Jawed Habib Franchise in India and not any others. The answer is simple:

  • Jawed Habib is known for his work, and all the franchises uphold his quality of services. As a result, it has a competitive hold in the market at present.
  • Complete support to the franchise right before setting up, till opening and running the business, is provided by Jawed Habib himself.
  • The investment is low compared to the high returns it is capable of producing over time. The returns can be in the range of 30 to 60%.
  • Owning a franchise would come along with an overall, onsite, and offsite training for all staff. It ensures a smooth flow of business for the franchise.
  • The transparent work policies ensure that all the staff members can work independently at the salon with quality standards set by Jawed Habib over the years.
  • The company’s recruitment of employees is a task, and the franchise needs not to worry about the staff’s quality.
  • The royalty fee for the franchise is low, making it a profitable opportunity for individuals to invest.


What are the Requirements to purchase a Jawed Habib franchise

You cannot just go ahead and own a Jawed Habib any day you like. There are some basic requirements that you must fulfill in-order-to qualify as the desired Jawed Habib Franchise owner. Some of the requirements to own a Jawed Habib Franchise are as below:

  • The prospective franchisee owner should select a location that is either commercial or has a high scope of networking, and they should be aware of the population, requirements of the locales, and their spending habits.
  • The floor space available for setting-up the franchisee should be not less than 1000 sq. Ft.

A Jawed Habib Franchise should have the following staff:

  • Receptionist
  • Shampoo assistants
  • Senior-level hairstylists
  • Junior-level hairstylists
  • Manicurists
  • Pedicurists
  • Aestheticians
  • Cleaning person
  • Security guard. 
  • Each one of them should have specialized tasks to handle.
  • Each franchise should have an email ID for any official communication.
  • Training for all professionals will be competing as per the requirements set by Jawed Habib from time to time.
  • The franchise should have set operating manuals for standardization of practices in the franchise.
  • Jawed Habib himself conducts salon management programs from time to time at the premises.
  • Jawed Habib conducts staff recruitment, training, and up-gradation training.
  • Both offsite, as well as onsite assistance, is provided by Jawed Habib.
  • Each franchise is to sign a contract of 3 years with Jawed Habib.


How much does it cost to have a Jawed Habib franchise?

The best thing about owning a Jawed Habib Franchise is the transparency of the policies and the low investment required for the business’s set-up and running. The costs incurred for setting up the franchise include the following: 

  • INR 15 to 16 lacs for a single unit, including equipment costs, furniture, and other fixtures.
  • Franchise fee of INR 7.5 Lacs approximately 
  • Marketing costs are on franchise owners alone.
  • Staff payments are from the company profits.
  • Other miscellaneous expenses are near about 1 Lakh per month.
  • Overall, the expenses for the set-up and functioning of a Jawed Habib franchise is about INR 22 Lacs.



The income earned per month from each Jawed Habib Franchise across the country in a more or less commercial area is about 14 lacs, and this ensures that you have a total profit of about three lacs or more per month from your franchise. 

If you think you can fulfill all the prerequisites of owning a Jawed Habib Franchise, it can prove a very profitable business idea.

Jawed Habib, a celebrity hairstylist, ensures that all the activities performed at each of his franchisees meet his salons’ basic standards. He also ensures that the stylists in the franchises are trained by him and as per his performance standards. The pricing of the services available at the Jawed Habib Franchises is competitive in terms of the market.

Jawed Habib franchise has proved to be a profitable one, with a yearly return of 30 to 60% on the initial investment made for the salon’s set-up. It is still one of the leading salon chains in the country.