How to start a Firstcry Franchise
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How to start a Firstcry Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Clothing is one of the prospective businesses. It is the second most essential commodity purchased after food items. India has diversified people with different tastes, but the requirement of kids’ clothing and necessities remains the same. Though much research conducted in child care and comfort, the kid’s clothing and infant care products do not seem to change.

The maximum innovation is on the peak in the areas of ‘ease of usage’ and ‘less price.’ While this is the case, there are many players in the market now. One among them became most prominent in very quick succession is the First Cry. Their wide range of products and sensational marketing strategies made them the ace in kids and mother welfare products. Have being said that, the First cry also has products imported from other manufacturers to comprehensively cater to the needs of the newborn and their mothers.

They currently hold 5800 brands circulating online as well as through retail stores. Yes, First Cry has an online store, and customers can buy products using the Mobile application or through the website. 


Progressive Growth – Know Firstcry History

As a Firstcry franchise aspirant, you must know their development cycle. It is one brand that has got an end to end products for mother and baby care. The customized products and necessities are their trend in this industry. More importantly, their strategies to build their brand image is excellent.

Firstcry began selling 500 products a day in the year 2012. All the products were catering to the needs of babies. The business model was simple. Connect with the major brands in the world and give a comprehensive store for the customers. In this way, they have made Firstcry a one-stop solution for baby needs and care. With their launch in 2011, within a year, they opened an 80000 square feet fulfillment center. It is the place they stocked the goods. The brand started getting established rapidly with its unique strategy of gifting the new mothers with a ‘Firstcry Hospital Gift Box.’ Right now, they have tied up with 7800 hospitals. It has made them massive, and by 2013, they have had 1 million happy customers.

With their tie-ups with major brands like a Baby hug, BabyOye in recent years made them the masters in the market now. The centers in India started booming big time. Their launch of mobile applications and online selling created a whole new proposition in the e-commerce industry. The sales and the brand started developing, and here they are, with 400 exclusive stores in India.

The massive development was through a clinical approach towards the market and highly qualified products. They are sure to become world leaders, and that shall happen rather shortly. If you are planning for a Firstcry franchise, you are making the right decision in your life.


USP of the Firstcry Franchise

Firstcry has developed into a brand now. There is no bigger word than that in the baby care industry. The first thing that strikes people’s minds when we talk about kid clothing and food, Firsctcry is sure to pass through your mind. Now, this is a unique factor that you can latch on. 

  • Qualified Products: That’s something you must rely on. Firstcry has an exclusive set of experts who determine the product’s quality before it hits the market. They are the company that completely focuses on superior quality and not less than that. 
  • Wide Range of Products: This adds to their crown. They have qualified products and variety in it, and all the products are imported internationally. With the number of products available, the customers will not take a second opinion to purchase their requirements from your store.
  • Unique Loyalty programs: Firstcry has a well-suited name for its selling strategies. One among them is the loyalty programs. They have 7.5 million people registered, and most of them are a part of a loyalty program. It has ensured a considerable market share. Be a part of Firstcry and earn a massive profit. 


Is it beneficial to own a Firstcry Franchise?

You have a million things to say yes. Let us see a very few that shall help you decide.

Firstly, they have built the brand all by themselves. They are so prominent that the footfall of people is always consistent. At times higher too. The standards that they have set have got most of the customers being loyal to them. There is no way that they can change their minds. Great footfall means excellent revenue, and you earn a lot of profit.

Secondly, every Firstcry Franchise Owner receives the products with high margins. It makes them gain profit rapidly.

The head office shall provide you with complete assistance to set up the outlet. Your staff shall be trained to be a master in facing challenges in any situation. Further, the assistance will also offer to make the interiors in your outlet too.

Lastly, You do not have to worry about brand visibility. The head office shall take care of it all by themselves. They can also help you find the right location for your business to run successfully. Do you want anything more? 

Become a Firstcry Franchise owner right away.


Major requirements for setting up the Firstcry Franchise

Firstcry is very particular about the location of the store. It must be in a prime location, either a mall or a high street. The point is to have maximum customer footfall. Further, commercial space shall be between 1000 square feet to 2000 square feet. It can be owned or leased or rented.

As usual, the franchise owners are expected to be dynamic with leadership capabilities. You must also ensure that your staff members are polite enough to handle customers. Firstcry experts shall train you and your staff members. The minimum staff member requirement is six, and the maximum is 8.


What will be the investment required to set up a Firstcry Franchise?

There shall be a one-time investment of 20 to 30 lakhs, which includes the franchise fee. You may recover this investment in 5 years maximum.

The vision of the company is to provide high-quality baby care products at affordable prices. Firstcry has been very successful so far. Join the success group and be successful.