How to start a Jockey Franchise
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How to start a Jockey Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

The clothing industry has always its charm all through the year in terms of business. That, too, retail innerwear business is the second-best model that earns profit next to the retail garments industry. With India being the hub of traditional clothing and cloth materials, inner garments have its place always sealed in a store.

One such brand that never goes out of notice in the garment sector is the Jockey. Jockey International, Inc. has a wide range of customer base for various inner garment requirements. Beginning with men’s and women’s inner garments, Jockey also manufactures, distributes, and retails men and women sportswear.

Originally from the USA, Jockey has a licensed partner in India, manufactures, distributes, and retails Jockey Products in 5 countries, including UAE. The name of the company is Page Industries Ltd. It is always better to know the company’s history before taking up the franchise. 


History of Jockey

Jockey International, Inc. is the world leader in the inner garments sector. Their march towards glory started in the year 1876 in the name of ST. Cooper and Sons started initially making hosieries for women. By 1898, they began designing men’s underwear. It had a massive response, and they renamed the company to Cooper Underwear company. Later with their consistent effort in manufacturing and distributing inner garments paved the way to become an Incorporation. They renamed it again to Cooper In. in the year 1929.

The year 1935 saw a significant change in their marketing strategies then and made the first-ever Jockey underwear. From then on, it was Jockey all over. By the year 1972, Jockey International Inc. came into existence, which predominantly made only Men’s wear. The women’s wear became a massive hit by 1988.

Jockey in India came in the form as a licensed partner in Page Industries Ltd., Bangalore. They offered manufacturing and distributing Jockey products in 5 countries; India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and UAE. It happened in the year 1994. From then on, Jockey in India is a very famous chain of retail outlets, and you can see the products in the garment shop as an add-on sale category.

India currently has 384 Jockey retail outlets, with 286 being in prominent places while the rest in Malls. The customer base for Jockey is in a constant rise. If you plan to take the Jockey Franchise, it is one of the best decisions ever for quick growth.


What makes Jockey Stores Unique In India?

Jockey has the brand built for itself. While this being the reason, Jockey has become an unsaid commodity in Indian Garment purchase. Further, Jockey has customized strategies for franchise owners. They are a lot flexible compared to many companies. The retailing rules can be easily modified depending on the market viability. Simultaneously, the packaging of the products is unique from other same niche brands, this is another thing that makes Jockey stands out from the crowd. The customers are more inclined to well-packaged products than anything. The main Unique Selling Proposition is the quality of the product. It is simply unbeatable. With the best product and premium packaging, Jockey Franchise is the best combination of success in business.

Moreover, the marketing campaigns conducted by the firm is unique. The outstanding customer attracting strategies comes handy to develop the business soon. Jockey is the first innerwear brand that changed the look of the innerwear industry in India. 


How Can one be Benefited with the Jockey Franchise?

Jockey is a Brand, and it goes without saying. They have reached the point where Jockey and innerwear have become synonymous with each other. Surprisingly, they have silently overshadowed other brands in India. The image that it can create will never let ends the footfall to your store. As always, the Footfall increase is revenue increase and thereby good profit for you.

To begin with, if you are taking up Jockey Franchise, your staff shall be exclusively trained for expertise. Your staff members will get hands-on experience coaching them right from knowing how to handle customers until getting the sale done. Further, as an owner, you will be assisted with setting up the outlet to the standards of Jockey’s requirements. You will also get the options in locations with well researched to maximize business; what else do you want?

You will also be provided with excellent all-round support as and when there is a challenge. Especially for the new franchise owners, such support is clinical, and Jockey does not shy down from the responsibility. Lastly, they also support you in coaching on maximizing results and finally achieving economic success.


The Requirements to set up Jockey Store in India

The requirements begin with commercial space, and tt can be owned, leased, or rented. The store must be between 1000 to 1400 Square feet. Further, the store must have 40 to 50 feet of frontage. The dimensions of depth and height are also supposed to be maintained. The depth must be between 25 to 30 feet, and the height should be 10 to 12 feet.

As a Jockey Franchise Owner, you must possess entrepreneurial and leadership abilities. You must be able to adapt to strategies and make quick, qualified decisions for your store’s betterment. At the same time, the staff must have prior experience in the inner garments industry. Of course, your staff shall be provided with training from the head office for every part of the store’s operation. It is expected to have 4 to 6 staff members, and it also depends on the built-up area. Lastly, Jockey also provides exclusive expert support to update you and staff members about the new marketing trends and products.


What is the investment required to set up a Jockey Franchise

The total cost shall be around 45 lakhs to 50 lakhs. Jockey, as such, does not take any royalty or franchise fees. The funds shall be majorly utilized for commercial space and interior decorations. If the business goes the best way, you may see the return on investment within 12 months.



Business comes in many forms. Jockey franchise is one such opportunity to build your business around. If there is one way that you can look at massive growth, it would be this. Moreover, the Jockey’s policy of customizing the retailing strategy is commendable, and it is for you to latch on it. All the best!!!