How to start a Wow Momo Franchise
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How to start a Wow Momo Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Food and beverages play a prime role in business in any part of the world. It is one of the necessities that people cannot ignore it for their well being. Be it the food products or restaurant chains; they have immense popularity if the items are well qualified. At the same time, the restaurant chains become a big hit if they offer delicious food items. Lately, the proposition of food outlet chains has changed for good too.

There are a lot of factors that determine the food outlet’s success. A few percentages of them are a hit because of the taste of their tasty food. A few are renowned for their traditional presence for a very long time. While this being the case, the newly emerging food outlets are looking primarily at tasty food, quality of service, and hospitality. People are becoming choosy, and all three elements mentioned above form a formidable combination for success.

There is another element, you must know, which has joined in recent years that makes the restaurants even more conducive for people. That is the speed of service. One such food chain called Wow Momo Restaurant has gained popularity in a quick time. The business model is fairly simple. They offer traditional Momo with variety.

They offer it at lightning speed so that you need not wait for a long time at the restaurant. The touch of tradition and impeccable hospitality is making WoW Momo become a massive hit in the country. Though started in Kolkata, they have spread their wings and are still waiting to expand further. If you are willing to be a part of a successful food chain as a franchise partner, this would be. Becoming a Wow Momo franchise partner is an intelligent decision.


Wow Momo – What do they do? How did they Grow?

It all started in 2008 when two friends thought to create a change in the restaurant industry. Their idea emerged the best. The idea was to make Momo and offer it with a great variety to people. The appealing factor was, it was filling and was also offered at good speed so that the customers saved time. It started in Kolkata first, because that is where they belong. Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai started this small venture with INR 30000/- as an investment. They worked hard in delivering Momo in a kiosk that worked 6 to 6.

Their development was organic; they slowly started having the kiosk in Big Bazar and Spencer’s in Kolkata. You must know the effort put by them to start these. The blend of effort and taste of momos started becoming the talk of the town. It made them open Wow Momo outlets in malls and other places. They started expanding to different states of the country. Their choice of locations was strategic; they targeted the tech parks and other commercial places where the people’s footfall is more.

With their constant efforts, they have 200 outlets across India and are looking to expand further. It would be the right choice for you to be a Wow Momo franchise partner. There is a lot of business, a lot of revenue, and thus massive profit. Take the Franchise partnership right away.


What is so Unique about Wow Momo Franchise?

There are many aspects to ponder on this accord. If you want to become a franchise owner of this delectable food chain, you must know one factor that made them the best. Wow, Momo has changed the people’s mindset by giving various varieties of Momo. Their innovation in offering traditional Momo in different ways has taken the nation by storm. We all know steamed Momo. Wow, Momo gives the same but also other varieties like the pan-fried Momo, Tandoori Momo, Butter Momo, Baked Momo, etc. The exclusive varieties have always made customers form a queue in front of the restaurant.

Another major aspect that you must know is, they serve the customers with rapid speed. Today’s world is full of chaos, corporate people, quick brunch, or lunch is the order. You do not have time to wait at a restaurant for the food to arrive at your table. All you need is delicious food and that too at a quick pace. It is the mark of excellence. This combination is making them very popular day by day. Starting the first kiosk in Kolkata, Wow Momo has a franchise in Kochi and Chennai. The word spreads, the restaurant is growing day by day. Become a part of it to be the nation’s best fast-food chain of restaurants.

Further, the factor that we will see now is not a unique feature but a mantra. The food made in any of Wow Momo’s chains, they made it from high-quality food ingredients. Right from the dough till the grain, are selected after thorough quality analysis, it is only to ensure that the food is safe. Of course, any restaurant must do this, but not to the level of Wow Momo. This type of quality check also offers a delicious taste.

Wow, Momo is named for its tasty Momo, they have a lot to be done at the backend to achieve this feat. Success never comes easy, but once achieved, it is better to be a part of the success team, so now go ahead, be a Wow Momo franchise partner.


Benefits of Being Wow Momo Franchise Partner

It is a noticeable thing that Wow Momo’s success is in its innovation. This innovation coupling with the effort and precise execution has made them come a long way. Momo’s different varieties, the quality food ingredients, and fantastic hospitality are key to their success. Let us take a look at other benefits that you may latch on to be successful in becoming a Wow Momo Franchise partner.

  • Affordable Price Point: Now, this becomes the primary factor in having audience attraction. Wow, Momo understood this long back. The Momo was not only tasty but also cheap. It is the best benefit that you have got by becoming the franchise partner. The people’s footfall is always on the rise. Many people are getting to know the brand and quality. The idea of connecting quality with quantity is the most significant strategic move. As you see, this plan has worked well. The people started moving to Wow Momo in masses. The same shall happen to you. We need people to come for the business to come; this benefit has already ensured the crowd footfall.
  • Less Investment: Many restaurant chains offer franchises. But Wow Momo wants to expand and sell their idea to people. The investment that is required to be a franchise partner is way too less if we compare it to many chains of restaurants. You can save a lot of money and spend less on investment to gain more profit. This benefit is massive as you can start your venture with minimal money involved upfront.
  • Wow Momo – Brand Well known: Now it is like a well-establish brand, and Wow, Momo, was a hit right from 2008. There are a few who do not know what Wow Momo is. The strategy the management used in setting the outlets has created viral support for the restaurant. The tech parks, malls are prominent places where working people assemble. Giving them delicious Momo and a very good ambiance to chit chat has taken the brand image to a different level. People know what Wow Momo is, so branding and advertisement are not needed at all. People reaching out to your outlet are for sure.
  • Aim to Increase Outlets: The company is operating in 13 different states in India. They have 200 outlets right now and are looking to expand it further and make 300+ outlets by the end of this year. It means to say; the company is looking at wise and intelligent partners who can run the business successfully. It is a golden opportunity; not many companies offer franchise. Wow, Momo has come up with a massive plan. Be a part of the success team.
  • Return on Investment: Of course, there is an investment to set up the franchise business. The significant benefit for you is that you can recover the money invested at a very fast pace. It is an incredible feature of being a Wow Momo Franchise Partner. The massive footfall of people in the restaurant can make your business grow higher day by day. As a businessman, you will be looking at recovering the investment faster. If there is a business proposal that offers maximum returns and high return on investment is Wow Momo franchise. Go for it.
  • Massive Business Prospect: The ROI on one side and long term business on the other, Of course, Wow Mom shall have a contract with you. More than the ROI, you will be fascinated with the profit you can make in the longer run. You would have stood strong all these years, and your name and the locality shall become famous, thereby bringing a lot of business to your outlet. Looking at the long term prospects, it is green and wealthy.


Minimum Requirements to become Wow Momo, the franchise partner

As you have come to this, that means to say you are interested in taking up the franchise. You must meet certain requirements to become a partner.

First up, you will need to have a commercial space of  250 to 300 square feet, and it can be owned, rented, or leased. Please ensure that there is enough place for the kitchen counter. The built-up area depends on the location and the people’s footfall percentage.

As far as the staff is concerned, they must have excellent communication skills. Additionally, they also must possess culinary skills. The qualification the company is looking at is the 10th Standard pass.

While this is the staff’s requirement, they expect you to have good leadership ability to meet sales targets effectively as a partner. You and your staff will be trained exclusively on soft skills and customer handling skills. You will also get the training to get the sales numbers in place. After all, this is your business, you will make a profit, and the company supports you to do it effectively.

The minimum count of staff starts from 2 to 5 depending on the locality and the crowd.

If you meet these eligibility criteria, you are on for a significant change in your life. Be the best with the best.


What will be the investment for setting up the WOW Momo Franchise?

The total investment for setting up the outlet and the franchise fee ranges from INR 8 Lakhs to INR 20 Lakhs. The range differs from location to location. It also depends on the built-up area as well as the cost associated with that. The staff salary is inclusive in the revenue generated every month. On calculating the revenue every month and deducting all the expenses, you can recover the investment in 9 months. It requires you to be consistent and diligent during the process.

The food chain has always seen massive results. That, too, with the growth of such a company like Wow Momo, it is even more viable. The revenue margin depends on the customer service and the taste of food. You must also understand the support given by Wow Momo management. The classroom training is impeccable, and they do it for the betterment of every franchise. The investment amount being less, it is a massive opportunity. The brand image that the Wow Momo built all these years has an excellent benefit for you as a franchise partner.

The people’s footfall is guaranteed. Making them loyal and ensuring that they repeatedly drop into your outlet is in your hands. You will also get a dedicated training for it, but the execution is in your hands. Right from the ingredients, till the manpower must be well qualified. The quality analysis that the Wow Momo carries is simply incomparable. The blend of quality and speed is what they look at. If you have it, Why do you wait? All the best!!!