How to start a Sharekhan Franchise
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How to start a Sharekhan Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

The finance sector in India is the most dynamic sector that has seen massive growth in recent years. The diversified features of the sector back the Indian economy as strong pillars. Considering many finance firms where money meets big money, Sharekhan has a prominent name. The robust financial services they offer has taken the nation by storm right from their inception.

Being a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, they set a whole new standard for the stockbroking market. Sharekhan is the first stockbroking agency that brought trading online. It is one of the strategic moves that is highly lauded by the financial experts. Taking up a Sharekhan franchise is a worthy option under current circumstances.


Massive growth Right from the Beginning | ShareKhan Company History

Sharekhan became a brand from the time it came into existence. They began their journey in the year 2000. The growth began with their operational excellence. They are renowned for a clinical beginning in the online trading market. Further, they are the first to make it happen. The right move in bringing e-trading facilities to the customers as soon as the stock market began transacting online is considered a dominant market knowledge display. While climbing the ladder of success, Sharekhan was listed in NSE and BSE. Additionally, their depository schemes come under CDSL and NDSL.

It is a versatile firm where all your stock market needs should address with clear solutions. Right from opening an account, till investment policies, they are the best in the industry. Their idea of educating investors is a crucial move. They are the masters of trading and make the customers believe in them when they get in touch with them. You are wondering about taking up the Sharekhan Franchise, read ahead to know more before you take the solid decision. Along the line of business, they are honored with various awards too.


Unique Aspects that Made them the Best | USP of Sharekhan

Sharekhan has built its brand image in the last 19 years to the top. Their extensive support to the customers in different ways makes them the best financial services firm in India. There are a few unique features that make the most sought after for franchise services.

The online trading aspect is the unique feature of Sharekhan. More importantly, the guidance Sharekhan offers to its traders and customers is impeccable. Their service offerings are not unique, but they do it at a rapid pace. Thanks to the technology that has blended well with their functionalities. The trust they have built among the customers is massive, making it a worthy company to partner as a franchised firm.

The idea of self-employment is offering with huge profits. The employees of Sharekhan also transit from being employed to being a businessman. The amount of training and guidance provided to the investors is massive and considered the best move to develop the economy. The organization also offers necessary products, and training related to services makes them top-notch in their field of business.


Incredible Advantages being a Sharekhan franchise owner | Benefits

If you plan to approach Sharekhan to open a franchise, get to know the benefits that you have to develop your business to the next level.

Firstly, the benefit starts with the brand image that they have created. With 1.3 million customers nationwide, Sharekhan is known by almost everyone with the way they advertise their products and services. It has already created a trust in the people; you just have to work with them to enhance their lives and yours. The profit that is involved in taking up the Sharekhan franchise is huge.

Secondly, the research team of Sharekhan shall offer you detailed research to all the franchise partners. This in-depth research is in both basic as well as advanced level. If you are looking at a client-based research report, it is even facilitating to you on a timely basis.

Thirdly, the head office shall offer all the latest technology support that shall keep you on par with the market. Moreover, the advanced security system provided is world-class, and Sharekhan shall share it with all its franchise owners.

Lastly, the partner training program is sensational, and there are three levels of training, and all offered to the franchise owners.

All these benefits seem to connect with the fact that you shall never be without assistance.


Major Requirements to set up a Sharekhan Sub-broker Franchise

For you to get the Sharekhan Franchise, you need to satisfy certain eligibility criteria. You must have a space of 300 square feet to set up the office.

There are a few requirements for the franchise owner too.

  • The owner must be a graduate in finance or commerce.
  • If the owner has experience with a stockbroker, it has an added advantage to get the franchise.
  • The owner must possess a valid sub-broker registration from NSE or BSE.
  • The minimum staff count is 2 to 3 people.


How much is the investment for having a Sharekhan Franchise?

The investment is too low, Sharekhan works on a different proposition altogether. The partner firm expected to pay a minimum of Rs 70,000/- which is refundable. It is refunded once the franchise agreement completed successfully. At the same time, a franchise partner can pay up to 2 Lakhs as a deposit. The difference is in the revenue sharing. It starts at 40% and rises to 70%, depending on the initial deposit.

You can recover the investment in 2 months.

It is indeed a splendid opportunity for you to partner with Sharekhan. It is highly profitable, and at the same time, has less investment too. The high-quality training offered by Sharekhan is highly commendable. The overall support of the head office makes the life of the franchise owners easy. The facts that you need to look out for is the eligibility criteria. Once you have cleared that, there is nothing that stops you from making huge money. It is obviously clear that the benefits are in favor of you too. Why do you wait? Go on, grabbing the opportunity. All the best!!!