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How to Open Bachpan Play School Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Bachpan Play School Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

Education is something important we can accommodate our youths. Each child has the option to go to class and get educated. At their soonest age, they should get some answers concerning the essentialness of preparing.

To a great extent, kids are not enthusiastic about considering the way that they don’t have the foggiest thought regarding the noteworthiness of making. At this spot, you, as caretakers, commit to showing them the essentialness of guidance in their lives. By showing them a rousing mindset and energy towards learning causes them to feel that knowledge is something interested.

Children have a curious nature, and they watch you doing certain things. In case you read books, they will, in like manner, endeavor to scrutinize and get books. Likewise, when you take them to class reliably, it will make them feel that school is some spot necessary to go, and trustworthiness matters a lot. The underlying five years of child learning are noteworthy. These are the place you can fabricate a foundation which could be adequately ready to stop for the span of the life or that can be sufficiently feeble to not stay in any occasion, for two or three years.

India has grown significantly in the education field over the past few years. The main reason behind this growth is parents who have the awareness about the importance of education. For the progress of a country, it is vital to educate the young generation.


Overview of Bachpan Play-School

Bachpan school plays a significant role in the field of education across India. They are one of the schools that give professional training at the pre-school level. Their focus is on the development of a child innovatively and creatively according to their system. This school has over 1100 branches in all over India.

Bachpan school is perhaps the best play-school in India, and they guarantee that your kid will get the best training alongside a decent mental advancement in his usual range of familiarity. They consolidate and improve their vision by utilizing certain games and toys which have a logical worth.

This school guarantee that your kid is getting the best mental improvement in a protected spot, only like their homes with the goal that they can learn in their usual range of familiarity. They have a few specialized contraptions and advanced world applications, which will upgrade the learning capacities of children.


Bachpan Play-School Teachers

Educators have a significant impact on improving our lives and giving us a productive livelihood. A respectable teacher can provide various incredible people to the overall population that will help in building a constructive image of the whole population. Giving the gratefulness to the teachers which they are fit for is noteworthy considering the way that they make the structure squares of an overall community. A teacher will get his prize when he sees his understudy being productive in his calling, and understudies reliably appreciate their educators paying little heed to how viable they become.

Bachpan school principal focus is enrolling such teachers who acknowledge how to oversee kids, as training and dealing with adolescents is undoubtedly not a primary task using any means. Thus, exceptional training is given to teachers so they can deal with the children in the best way, and they cause the youngsters to feel so extraordinary with them that they check out educators and do whatever the teacher says and that too decidedly.


History of Bachpan Play School

Bachpan school was found in 2004 by the chairman of S.K education. Bachpan school is in this field for a long time, and till then, they are demonstrating their understudies with the best of training and mental advancement. Their methods of studying children have motivated the parents, and consequently, they keep developing.

Following are the achievements and brief history of Bachpan school:

  • In 2005, Bachpan school started its first operational campus as pre-school.
  • In 2006, they have started their own publication house and published more than 100 books.
  • In 2007, that meant within three years, Bachpan school has spread over 100+ branches across the whole country.
  • In 2008 they started designing uniforms for their students.
  • In 2009, Bachpan school started its school brand called Academic heights public school (AHPS).
  • In 2010, they were nominated in the top three play-schools in India.
  • In 2011, they increased their campuses to over 500+ schools across all over India.
  • In 2012, their staff rate increased to 250.
  • In 2013, Bachpan school developed its prismart digital tool.
  • In 2014 their campuses increased to 1000+ play-schools.
  • In 2015, they launched the Speak O kit, which means speaking books.
  • In 2016, AHPS had crossed the limit of 100+ schools in India.
  • In 2017, they are awarded with “Pre-school franchisor of the year” and launched e-tablets for students.
  • In 2018, they had launched two other techniques for their students, known as virtual reality and augmented reality.

Now, they have 1200+ campuses in 400 cities and 23 states of India.


The uniqueness of Bachpan Play School

Bachpan school has the following innovations which make them unique:

  • Speak O kit
  • ERP
  • AR
  • VR
  • Prismart
  • E-tablets


Speak O kit

Speak O kit means the speaking books, which are operated using a special pen. These books can pronounce, sing, and speak. This can help children in learning, along with enjoying this new technology.

This is an online shopping site for parents through which parents can buy books, supplies, and uniforms of their kids.



ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning. Bachpan school uses this software to automate all the activities in the school.



AR stands for augmented reality and is a technique that connects the real world to the digital world and helps in learning more quickly and easily.



VR stands for virtual reality and is a technique that displays the virtual images of things in a live form and helps in learning.



This is a digital tool that helps kids in learning and makes this learning more enjoyable.



These tablets have all the content which helps kids in the learning process.


Benefits of owning a Bachpan Play School Franchise

There are various advantages of having Bachpan school franchise:

  • The trust of parents and people is at this school because of the different components that are examined above, gives an advantage to the school proprietor as he won’t have a need to serve his time in making trust of customers in his business.
  • They give training programs to their establishment proprietors to ensure that they possess and oversee pre-schools positively.
  • The instructors will be given the training to ensure that understudies are getting the best.
  • Once you converse with the Bachpan school for a franchise, they will enlist a group with you who will locate an appropriate area for building a school for you.


Requirements for owning a Bachpan Play School Franchise

Following are the requirements to avail a franchisee of Bachpan school:

  • Area
  • Experience
  • Regions
  • Training
  • Minimum staff


The area required for building up a Bachpan school franchise is a minimum of 2000 sq ft. The land should be commercial or residential, and it must be on the ground floor.


Experience or skills

Bachpan school franchise doesn’t demand any specific skill. If you are looking for starting up a business and you have good moral values, and you have a tolerating behavior towards kids along with a safe environment, then you can get the franchise of Bachpan school.



Right now, Bachpan school has 1200+ branches over 400 cities and 23 states across the whole of India.



The Bachpan school franchise gives detail training to its teachers. The teachers will also be given guidance by the head office. An ambiance manual is provided by the head office so that the new unit of school is designed as per manual.


Minimum staff

The minimum number of employees in a Bachpan school should be around 10 to 12 people. The exact number is determined by the number of classes the school has according to its area.


Investment/Cost required for opening a Bachpan Play School Franchise

You will have to invest 5,00,000 for a play-school franchise, and your expenses in a month will be:

Rent of area: 7,00,000

Salaries of 10 employees: 1,00,000

Other expenses: 10,000

The total expense will be around: 8,10,000

Total income 

Number of students in a campus: 30

Fee per student: 1,00,000

Total: 30,00,000

Gross profit will be: 9,00,000

Total profit: 90,000 in a month

This means your total investment will be back in 5 to 6 years.


Bachpan Play School Franchise Owner Testimonial

Source: Bachpan Play School

From the beginning, the Bachpan school success rate is very high. Right now, they have over 1200 school franchises that spread all over the country. If you are willing to make your place in the field of education, the Bachpan school franchise is a golden chance for you then because of their innovative learning systems.