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How to Open Euro Kids Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Euro Kids Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

Education is the most significant blessing that we can provide for our youngsters. Each kid has the right to go to class and get taught. At their soonest age, they should find out about the significance of training.

Kids are not keen on considering in light of the fact that they don’t have the foggiest idea about the significance of training. At this spot, you, as guardians, have an obligation to show them the significance of instruction in their lives. By demonstrating them an inspirational mentality and enthusiasm towards learning causes them to feel that learning is something intrigued.

Kids have inquisitive nature, and they watch you doing certain things. On the off chance that you read books, they will likewise attempt to peruse and get books. Similarly, when you take them to class consistently, it will cause them to feel that school is someplace essential to go and dependability matters a great deal. The initial five years of a kid learning are significant. These are where you can manufacture an establishment that could be sufficiently able to stop for the duration of the life or that can be powerless enough to not stop in any event, for a couple of years.


Overview of EuroKids School

Euro kids are one of the best playschools in India, and they ensure that your child will get the best education along with good mental development in his own comfort zone. They have built their own vision with the name “Child first,” which is based on the agenda that a child will learn by exploring on his own.

They combine and enhance their vision by using certain games and toys which have a scientific value. Euro kids ensure that your child is getting the best mental development in a safe place, just like their homes, so that they can learn in their own comfort zone.


EuroKids Teachers

Teachers have an enormous effect on improving our lives and giving us a fruitful vocation. A decent educator can give numerous great individuals to the general public that will help in building a positive picture of the general public. Giving the thankfulness to the instructors which they are fit for is significant in light of the fact that they make the structure squares of the general public. An educator will get his prize when he sees his understudy being fruitful in his profession, and understudies consistently admire their instructors regardless of how effective they become.

EuroKids fundamental center is enlisting such educators who realize how to manage kids, as instructing and taking care of youngsters isn’t a simple errand by any means. For this reason, unique training is given to educators so they can manage the kids in an ideal manner, and they cause the children to feel so great with them that they tune in to instructors and do whatever the instructor says and that too positively.


History of History

Euro kids were founded in 2001 by Euro kids international Ltd. The owner company was a book publishing company before the foundation of Euro kids. Euro kids are in this field of education for 17 years, and till then, they are proving their students with the best of education and mental development. Their ways of teaching inspired the parents, and thus they continue growing, and today they have 900 schools branches in over 311 cities around the whole country.

Following are the achievements and brief history of Euro kids:

  • In 2003, they opened their branch in Lucknow, which was their 100th pre-school branch. In the same year, they have started two new programs with the names of Euro junior and Euro senior.
  • In 2004, they opened their first overseas pre-school.
  • In 2008 they got the award of “Franchisor of the year.”
  • In 2011 are awarded the “Best Franchising program in education.”
  • In 2012 they got the award of “Best Education business of the year.”
  • In 2013 they got the award of “Indian education for early child playschool.”
  • In 2015 they opened over 900 campuses in over 350 cities and towns in India.
  • They have given the awards of “Hall of fame,” “Power brand,” “India’s most trusted brand.”
  • In 2017 they have they had taught their students about using an application named “My buddy smart locator.”
  • In 2018 they had started given daycare facilities to their teachers and were considered as the safest and best education givers in the country.

They have a number of characteristics in then which differentiate them from other schools.


Characteristics of Euro kids

Following are the characteristics of Euro kids:

  • Safety feature
  • Engagement of kids and learning program
  • Innovations for the next generation


Safety feature

They have a five-point safety feature which ensures child safety:

  • Continuous monitoring of kids is done using CCTV.
  • They have specially made child-safe furniture for their schools to make sure that their students stay safe.
  • They have the certification of safe school so that parents get comfortable with them and trust them for their children.
  • They have hired female staff for pre-school so that the students get comfortable with teachers and give a good response while learning.
  • They have first aid centers in their schools to immediately cope with any misfortune.


Engagement of kids in learning

Following are the steps that they take to make sure that kids involve themselves in learning:

  • Teachers let the students communicate with other students of their age group to make themselves comfortable.
  • Teachers teach students by using gadgets and engaging them while studying, so increase the student’s brainpower.
  • They teach students the benefits of a healthy life and engage them in healthy activities.
  • They encourage the students to make new friends so that their character can be built and they get confident.


Innovations for the next generation

This school ensures the learning process by involving kids in different mindful activities and games along with a fun factor so that they can learn by doing experiments and that too in a comfortable environment; they have launched a “Buddy mobile app” to make a connection between parents, school and children. They also provide various yoga programs along with music learning to relax the mind and body of students.


Benefits of Euro kids Franchise

There are many benefits of having Euro Kids franchise:

  • The trust of parents on this school due to various factors that are discussed above in this section gives an advantage to the school owner as he will not have a need to serve his time in making the trust of clients in his business.
  • They give training programs to their franchise owners to make sure that they own and manage pre-schools in a good way.
  • The teachers will be given regular training to make sure that students are getting the best.
  • Once you talk to the Euro kids for a franchise, they will hire a team with you who will find a suitable location for building a school for you.
  • Euro kids provide a business management system to owners for tracking daily operations.


Requirements for the Euro Kids franchise:

Following are the requirements to avail a franchise of Euro kids:

  • Area
  • Experience
  • Regions
  • Training
  • Minimum staff


Area needed

The area required for building up a Euro Kids franchise is a minimum 2000 sq ft. The land should be on the ground floor with a play area inside, and a safe boundary wall is also across the whole area.



The teachers should have experience of studying kids and help them in learning basic skills. Teachers have to be determined enough that they focus on the needs of every child. They should have knowledge of telling kids about manners and let them adopt healthy eating and good hygiene habits.



Euro kids are already operating in the regions of Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana, Kerala, Karnataka, Punjab, Assam, and many more.



The Euro Kids franchise gives detailed training to its teachers. The teachers will also be given guidance by the head office. An ambiance manual is provided by the head office so that the new unit of school is designed as per manual. The head office will provide books and curriculum to the new franchise along with other required essentials. A team is assigned the task to regularly resolve the issues that the franchise is facing.


Minimum Staff

The ratio of teachers to students in a school is 1:10, which means for 30 students, you will need three teachers and a headteacher, one security guard along with two maids. This means that if you have 30 students in your school, your staff member will be six.


Investment/Cost required for opening a Euro Kids Franchise

You will need 15,00,000 to 20,00,000 as an initial investment, which includes ambiance and equipment cost and the first startup cost.

Profit, investment and incomeĀ 

Rent of land: 2,00,000

Salary of eight employees: 80,000

Other expenses: 20,000

The average number of students in a franchise: 50

Average fees per student: 15,000

Gross profit in a month: 7,50,000

Total profit: 50% of gross profit: 3,75,000

It means you can get back your investment in 18 to 20 months.


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Source: EuroKids International