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How to Open Hello Kids Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Hello Kids Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

Education is the most significant blessing that we can give to our kids. Every youngster has the choice to go to class and get taught. At their earliest age, they ought to find a few solutions concerning the vitality of getting ready.

As it were, kids are not energetic about considering the way that they don’t have the foggiest idea in regards to the significance of getting ready. At this spot, you, as guardians, have to show them the centrality of direction in their lives. By demonstrating them an awakening mentality and vitality towards learning causes them to feel that learning is something intrigued. Kids have inquisitive nature, and they watch you doing certain things.

On the off chance that you read books, they will in like way try to investigate and get books. In like manner, when you take them to class dependably, it will cause them to feel that school is some spot fundamental to go, and reliability matters a ton. The two to four years of age of youngster learning are significant. These are, the spot you can manufacture an establishment which could be enough prepared to stop for the range of the life or that can be adequately weak to not stop in any event, for a few years.


Overview of Hello Kids School

Source: Hello kids

Hello kids school is maybe the best playschool in India, and they ensure that your child will get the best preparing close by a better than average mental progression in his standard scope of recognition. They unite and improve their vision by using certain games and toys which have intelligent worth.

Hello kids ensure that your kid is getting the best mental improvement in a secured spot essentially like their homes with the objective that they can learn in their standard scope of commonality. They have a couple of particular contraptions and propelled world applications, which will overhaul the learning limits of youngsters.

The fundamental explanation for education development in India is guardians who have the mindfulness about the significance of instruction. For the advancement of a nation, it is critical to instruct its youth. Hello kids school assumes a noteworthy job in the field of training across India.

Teachers have an enormous effect on improving our lives and giving us profitable employment. A good instructor can give different fantastic individuals to the general populace that will help in building a productive picture of the general populace. Giving the thankfulness to the instructors which they are fit for is critical considering the way that they make the structure squares of a general populace. An instructor will get his prize when he sees his understudy being profitable in his calling, and understudies dependably value their teachers paying little regard to how feasible they become.

Hello kids school chief center is selecting such instructors who recognize how to administer kids, as preparing and managing young people is not a fundamental assignment utilizing any methods. Subsequently, excellent training is given to instructors so they can manage the kids in an ideal manner, and they cause the youths to feel so remarkable with them that they look at teachers and do whatever the educator says and that too determinedly.


History and existence of Hello kids

Mr. Pritam Kumar is the founder of Hello kids school, and his ambition is to make royalty-free pre-schooling in India. Hello kids are the chain of pre-schools. Teachers here have an interesting and fun-loving behavior while teaching, which entertains the kids during the learning process. They set a 100 hours of communication with every kid over the whole year and let kids read 10 minutes a day to make them a good listener and a good speaker.

Hello kids school came into existence in 2005. In 2010, Mr. Pritam established it as the first chain of schools and that too a royalty-free one. This was the first pre-school chain in India, which was affordable by a mediocre family without a compromise on quality and education. Right now, Hello kids school has more than 600 branches all over India. It has a center in Bangladesh too.

Following are the awards which are given to Hello kids school:

  • Best pre-school curriculum
  • Innovative teaching practices
  • The fastest growing pre-school chain

Hello kids have the ambition to give confidence to those kids who are shy and make them so strong that after getting an education from here, they will make their place in the world.


The uniqueness of Hello kids school

Following are the unique and innovative ideas of Hello kids school:

  • High-quality education at an affordable fee
  • No-royalty
  • Middle-income target
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified

High-quality education at an affordable fee

Hello kids school has the ambition to give international quality education to its students at a nominal and affordable fee. They keep a balance between eastern and western culture to make students so strong that they can move independently.


No royalty

Hello kids school is not taking any extra royalty fee for its name or its franchise. They urge people to invest less and gaining more.


Middle income

The main target of Hello kids school is the middle-income person. Due to this reason, this school is currently working in 25 states and has over 578 branches and more than 1,00,000 teachers and alumni members association.


ISO 9001-2008 certified

This certification means to make kids independent emotionally and practically. It ensures that the students are confident and have skills. Their communication and learning ways should make them aware of their surroundings.


Benefits of having Hello kids franchise

Following are the benefits of having a Hello kids franchise:

  • As hello school already has a name in the market so it will be easier for the owner to start it, and it will reduce his cost of marketing.
  • Hello kids school is providing its books, curriculum, study material, etc. along with the franchise.
  • While establishing the school, technical assistance will be given by the main headquarters.
  • Hello kids schools are providing designers and workers for its franchise to get the school in running condition fast.
  • Complete support and guidance will be given to all the franchises.
  • Hello kids school will provide the marketing support to its franchises.
  • Hello kids schools are providing a training program to all owners to give them the guidelines about school.


Requirements for Hello kids franchise

Following are the requirements for having a Hello kids franchise:

  • Area needed
  • Skills or experience
  • Regions of operation
  • Training
  • Required staff


Area needed

The minimum area needed for Hello kids school franchise is 1200 sq ft, but an additional 500 sq ft is needed in Mumbai. Also, the area should be on the ground floor with CCTV’s for security.


Skills or experience

Hello kids school franchise doesn’t demand any specific skill. If you are looking for starting up a business, then you should have good moral values, and you have a tolerating behavior towards kids along with a safe environment.


Regions of operation

This school is currently operating in 25 regions in India.



A curriculum and detailed operating manuals will be given by the head office, which includes all the relevant information. These documents will let the management know about the working of the school. A training manual will be given to franchise owners so that they get to know the operations of the school. Expert guidance, along within-field and our-field information, will be given to avoid any problem or misunderstanding.


Required staff

A minimum of 10 to 15 employees will be needed at the Hello kids school, depending on the area of the school.


Investment/Cost required for opening a Hello Kids School Franchise

The total investment depends on the area of the school. Here is the total investment depending on different areas:

  • In rural cities, total investment requires 2.5 lacs to 3.99 lacs.
  • In semi-rural cities, total investment requires in 2.99 lacs to 3.99 lacs.
  • In urban cities, total investment requires in 2.99 lacs to 3.99 lacs.
  • In metro cities, total investment requires in 3.99 lacs to 6.99 lacs.
  • In existing pre-schools, total investment requires 70,000 to 2 lacs.

An agreement for two years should be signed for taking a franchise.


Profit and expenses

Total investment for the pre-school franchise is: 60,000

Expenses in a month will be:

Rent for area: 12,00,000

Salaries to 11 employees: 13,20,000

Other expenses: 80,000

Total annual expense: 26,00,000

Total expense in a month: 217,000

Income in a month will be:

Total students admitted in a school: 60

Average fee per student: 1,50,000

Total annual income: 90,00,000

Total income in a month: 7,50,000

Gross profit in a month: 8000

Total profit in a year: 96,000

Depending on the above calculation, you will get your total income back in 6 to 7 years.

From the above all information, you will have gained all the knowledge related to owning a franchise of Hello kids school. Your marketing expenses will be minimum, and the quality of education given by your franchise will give a huge benefit to the nation. It is a good choice and opportunity to avail of its franchise if you are thinking about investing your money.