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How to Open Kidzee Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Kidzee Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

Every child deserves to go to school and get educated. At their earliest age, they must learn about the importance of education. Sometimes children are not interested in studying because they don’t know the importance of education.

At this place, you, as parents, have the responsibility to teach them about the importance of education in their lives. By showing them a positive attitude and interest in learning make them feel that knowledge is something interested. Children have a curious nature, and they observe you doing certain things. If you read books, they will also try to read and understand books.

In the same way, when you take them to school regularly, it will make them feel that school is somewhere essential to go and punctuality matters a lot. The first five years of a child learning are significant. These are the years where you can build a foundation that could be strong enough to stand still throughout life, or that can be weak enough to not stand still even for a few years.

Parents usually have a hectic schedule, so they think that they can’t give enough time to their children for their character building. For this purpose, a trend of pre-schools starts. This market of pre-schools keeps on increasing every year due to a considerable demand or pre-schools by parents. One such pre-school is Kidzee. Kidzee is the playschool chain for children with a very young age and is one of the most admired pre-school by parents. It was established in 2003, and right now, it has more than 1900 branches in 750 cities of Asia and is considered as one of the biggest and most profitable schools across Asia.


Kidzee learning and teachers

Kidzee has a learning methodology that is specially designed for children and is known as “Interactive iLLUME.” This methodology is used in the learning phase of more than 9,00,000 children. So, what is this methodology about? It is a whole kit that includes puzzle games, playing equipment, books, etc. This kit will let every child learn by practical implementation of what they study.

Teachers have a significant impact on making our lives better and in giving us a successful career. A good teacher can provide many good people to the society that will help in building a positive image of the nation. Giving the appreciation to the teachers which they are capable of is very important because they make the building blocks of society. A teacher will get his reward when he sees his student being successful in his career, and students always look up to their teachers no matter how successful they become.

Kidzee’s primary focus is hiring such teachers who know how to deal with children, as teaching and handling children is not an easy task at all. For this purpose, specialized training is given to teachers so that they can deal with the children in the best possible way, and they make the kids feel so comfortable with them that they listen to teachers and do whatever the teacher says and that too in a right idea. One more challenge that Kidzee faced was the standard of quality, which should be the same in all the franchises. For this purpose, regular reviews are conducted, and some time walk-in interviews are also conducted to make sure that the teachers are giving their best and quality is maintained.

If you are interested in owning a Kidzee franchise, then the whole upcoming article will cover all your concerns about the Kidzee franchise.


Benefits of having a Kidzee Franchise

Source: Kidzee

Playschools have significant importance in our society nowadays. They help in the mental growth of children and ensure joyful learning. Playschools now days not only help in child academic learning but also make them confident enough. Going to playschools also allows children to move out of their homes and spend some time without their parents, which helps them be confident and let them survive independently. Having a playschool franchise is very beneficial because of its latest trend, which keeps on growing every year. When you are thinking of owning a playschool franchise, the best option is to own the Kidzee franchise. Here are the benefits which you will get by having a Kidxee franchise:

  • Kidzee has three different learning programs for every child based on his age. Kidzee has an ambition which states that every child is unique in its way, and hence they treat each of them, especially according to their nature and age.
  • They have a playgroup for an age group of 1.5 to 2.5 years old kids.
  • They have a nursery for an age group of 2.5 to 3.5 years old kids.
  • They have a Kindergarten for 3.5 to 5.5 years, old kids.
  • They have over 1900 franchises, which are spread over 750 cities and that too in a limited time, which makes them a leader in child education.
  • You will get 200% on your return on investment because of Kidzee.
  • Kidzee has its methodology known as “iLLUME.”
  • They have a six-year renewable franchise agreement.
  • They don’t demand any royalty fees when you ask them to own their franchise.
  • They had won three awards at the national and international level in the past six years.
  • They are known as the market leaders for kid’s schools.


Requirements needed for Kidzee Franchise

Following are the requirements for having a Kidzee franchise:

  • Area
  • Experience
  • Training requirements
  • Regions
  • Minimum staff


Area needed

The space required for building up a Kidzee franchise is 2000 to 3000 sq ft. The land can be of an owner, or it can be on the lease, but the area should be on the ground floor with a play area inside, and a safe boundary wall is also across the whole area.



The teachers of the school have to be determined enough that they focus on the needs of every child. A regular meeting will be held with the parents of kids to tell them about the progress of their child and to tell them the ways that they should adopt for making a positive change in their child. Teachers should have experience of studying kids and help them in learning the necessary skills of color identification, shapes, letters, and numbers identification; Teachers should know telling kids about the dining table manners and let them adopt the healthy eating and good hygiene habits.


Training requirements

Kidzee itself provides a 60 to 80 hours based training program to teachers to make sure that they have enough skills to provide quality education to children. This training period is divided into four months, in which there are three months for theory sessions, and one month is for practical work. Only females are eligible for applying in this category, and they should be minimum HSC passed and above 18 years. There is a maximum of fifteen teachers in a batch along with one trainer.



Kidzee is based in 750 cities of India and Nepal and has over 1900 campuses. Some of the major regions are:

  • Centres in the North
  • Centres in the South
  • Centres in the East
  • Centres in the West
  • Centres in the central side
  • Centres in the union territories
  • Centres in Nepal


Minimum Staff

The minimum number of teachers for all three programs is 30 to 32, along with one principal, one vice-principal, 3 to 4 office staff members, 2 to 3 maids, and a security guard. Overall 40 to 45 people are required for one Kidzee franchise.


Investment/Cost required for opening a Kidzee Franchise

A total of 12,00,000 to 15,00,000 INR are required depending upon the land, for opening a Kidzee franchise. This amount will include:

  • School franchise fees
  • Advertisement fees
  • Layout plan fees
  • Legal documentation fees
  • 60 to 80 hours of teachers training fees

When you buy a franchise, Kidzee will provide books, puzzles, e-kidzee software to the students, which is their methodology known as “iLLUME.” It seems a little nig investment at first, but this one-time investment will give you a 200% profit in just one year and then you will enjoy its benefits in the later years too.

For owning a Kidzee franchise, you have to sign on the Kidzee agreement, which includes all the terms and conditions. This agreement will remain active for six years; after that, you have to renew it. Here is a rough idea of your expense and the benefit:


Rent of land: 8,40,000

Salary of staff: 5,40,000

Salary of workers: 60,000

Other expenses: 1,60,000


Admission fee of every student: 20,000

Tuition fees along with learning material: 30,000

Security fees: 10,000

Exam fee: 2000

Development fee: 8000

This all means that one child is paying 70,000 for a year and for one program. For three programs having two sections each and all having a total of 450 students means the income generated will be 3,15,00,000. This all means that you will get a profit of 2,45,00,000 per year.