How to Open Frozen Bottle Franchise
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How to Open Frozen Bottle Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

In a world full of bitterness, Frozen Bottle franchise in India bringing you back to sweetness.

Frozen Bottle, as the name suggests is a milkshake brand that has been growing tremendously fast. Their incredible signature shakes, fresh and scrumptious ice creams, and mouth watering frozen desserts attracts and makes the customers fall in love with them.

Started by two enthusiastic young men, Pranshul Yadav and Arun Suvarnathe, the company is claiming more and more success each day. Currently, the company has 50 outlets spread in 11 major cities of the country. The aim of the company is to open 200 more outlets in the very near future.

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What are the benefits of opening a Frozen Bottle franchise in India?


While the company has already an acclaimed success in 11 major cities of the country, it still has a major space for growth. The company is looking for expansion. They are planning to expand in Delhi, Kerala, and few more major cities.

The company is still a budding venture and there will be no better timing to take the chance and grow with the company while making gorgeous profits.


Investments and returns

The company is looking for enthusiastic people who are ready to make a success with their hard work. To the same people, the company is offering low investments and very high returns on the same.


Popular brand

Although the company is still growing and has a very long journey to take, it is still marking its success. Frozen Bottle is coming out as a leader in the Food and Beverage Industry. The company is expanding both economically and geographically with no losses.

This ensures that the franchise owners can invest their money in the company and the venture.


How much the Frozen Bottle franchise cost?

The business owner will be required to invest a sum of 30 to 40 lakh rupees along with 8% of royalty.

The investment amount for the franchise varies on the basis of the space in the store.

The space of 200 to 250 sq feet requires an investment of 33 lakhs. This will include 6 lakhs rupees for franchise fees. A complete kitchen equipment setup will cost 7 lakh rupees. And lastly, 20 lakh rupees for signage, interior design, marketing, and software and hardware of the store.

If the store size is 300 to 350 sq feet, it will require about 33 to 36 lakh rupees of investment. With the franchise fees of 6 lakh rupees. Kitchen set up for 7 lakh rupees. Interior and other equipment for about 15 lakh rupees. And 7 to 8 lakh rupees for marketing and other costs.

The same amount increases to 37 to 39 lakhs when the area is 500sq feet.


What are the requirements for a Frozen Bottle franchise?

As per the company standards, the minimum area requirement is 200 to 250 sq feet for better accommodation of the customers. The space can be as large as 500 sq feet or around.

If the applicant has some knowledge of business in the same line it will be a great advantage. The company is looking for people who are experienced in carrying out businesses.

The company is always a call away when the franchise needs support.

For the employee training, they share manuals with thorough information on how to start and carry on working with no troubles. And if there still is, the company is always welcoming to the franchise owners for on ground training at the head office.

The staff requirement for smaller space is somewhere around 2 to 3 employees that can grow to 6 to 7 people as space grows. The staff needs to be through with the menu and understand the meaning of customer service.



Still being a budding company, Frozen Bottle Franchise in India can offer a massive chance at success for the franchise owner.

The investment is not too high and has a great recovery scale too. The company is expanding with 200 more outlets in its plan.

The franchise owner only requires the right space, and the investment amount to get started. Although the company is still new and is establishing its roots in the market, it has a huge loyal and loving customer base.

The customers can often be seen drooling over the amazing tastes of the shakes, frozen desserts, and ice creams.