How to Open Keventers Franchise
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How to Open Keventers Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Keventers Franchise in India has replaced the name of milkshakes in India by serving their incredible fruits and flavor based shakes to Indian customers.

The 92 years old company when stepped into the market with their so homely yet so out of the box idea, it did not take too long for people to fall in love with it.

And what was their master stroke? Those glass milk bottles are extremely fascinating and attractive.

The company started as a dairy company over a century ago in 1899. Over the years and several changes later, the new model and venture of the company have left Indians with an addiction to lip smacking milkshakes.


What is the USP of the Keventers franchise?

The USP of Keventers is that they give customers something to remember forever. Taking their classic extravagant taste, which is not the only thing they are giving as a never ending memory. They are also giving their customers the old school milk bottles to take home. The bottles come with the company’s name inscribed on them. This is an incredible marketing strategy.


What are the requirements of the Keventers franchise?

The space requirement of the franchise is not very strict. The company demands a space of 100 to 150 sq feet minimum. If the owner wishes to get a much larger space, the company does not restrict them. Space can be transformed into seating for groups of friends coming in for hanging out.

Before giving out the franchise, the company makes sure of the skill set of the owner. The company checks through if the owner is well aware of the market or not. If he has previous experience in the industry or not. And if the owner has previous experience in running a business or not.

Presently, Keventers is running its venture in 40 Indian cities. The brand also crossed to international borders and opened its first outlet in Dubai in 2017.

While the brand has gone international already, it skipped 4 Indian states in the east. The company also has a major opportunity for expansion in states like Bihar, Goa, Jharkhand, and Uttarakhand where there are very few outlets of the company.

When it comes to the staff of the outlet, the company has a few actions and requirements to meet.

The customer handling staff should be well spoken with great communication skills. The employee should be aware of all the ingredients the brand used to make the shakes. The employee must also be aware of the history and other important information about the company. The rest of the employees must have good communication skills too.

The company suggests a staff of two to three employees will be more than enough for the franchise. However, if the store is bigger, the owner can hire more employees.


What is the cost of establishing a Keventers franchise?

The franchise owner is expected to invest a sum of 25 to 30 lakh rupees. There is a great possibility of recovering the entire amount within the first year of the franchise.

Keventers demands a fee of 9 lakh rupees from the franchise owner. This fee can be paid in a time period of 3 years as a sum or in installments.

For the collateral amount, the owner will have to invest 1 lakh rupees. Along with 1 lakh rupees for security deposit which is refundable by the company.

The construction and interior of the store will have an estimated cost of 7-8 lakh rupees. The marketing and licensing will cost around 3 lakh rupees. And lastly, the machinery and inventory required to get started will cost about 7-8 lakh rupees too.



Keventers franchise in India has successfully altered the name of milkshakes to its own. The company had started this venture just a few years ago and it is already extremely successful.

To get started, the owner of the franchise will have to put his application first. Then we will have to invest about 30 lakh rupees for the franchise fee and establishment of the store.

The area of the outlet should be located in a high footfall area with 100-150 sq feet of space.

The stats believe that the amount invested will be recovered within a span of just 12 months.