How to start a Lassi Shop Franchise
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How to start a Lassi Shop Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Lassi Shop Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.


Company History

With the conceptualization of the Lassi Shop in 1986, the first Lassi shop retail outlet was established in Koramangala, Bangalore in 2014 and is headquartered in the same.

Lassi shop, like its name suggests, is an F&B retail chain that provides the country’s beloved beverage drink Lassi with the best affordable authentic taste and quality. The Lassi shop family has spread its wings to over 500 outlets in the country and outlets in the Middle East ever since its grand opening.

Six years after its establishment, Lassi shop now caters to wide varieties of juices, shakes, ice cream sundaes, falooda, kulfi, and cocktails beside the all-time favorite beverage, lassi. Beetroot and turmeric among others are used as natural dyes to add hued colors and nutritious flavor to the beverages. Lassi shop also encourages potential entrepreneurs to establish lassi shop franchise and set up their own business.


What’s The USP of Lassi Shop?

Healthier lives. This is what Lassi shop focuses upon by providing the people with more healthier and nutritious beverages replacing other carbonated cold drinks. The raison d’être of the brand is to offer the customers with the best authentic taste and quality at an affordable price.

The healthy and nutritious beverages along with the moreish flavors are inviting to anyone. The brand uses fresh fruits and vegetables as natural dyes for the drinks and this makes the brand beverages unique and interesting.

Lassi shop is committed to bringing about healthier drinks to the people especially those who are very busy with their works as health is the main priority of the brand. This commitment allows the brand to stand out among others. 


What Are the Benefits of Owning a Lassi Shop Franchise in India?

Lassi shop offers budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to open up the brand franchise. Opening a lassi shop franchise has multiple benefits that come along with it. Setting up a lassi shop franchise is based on a business model that requires low investment and so there are fewer risks involved for the potential owners.

The business model is easy to manage and is flexible which can accommodate various forms of retail outlets. The future of lassi shop franchisees is promising as the cafè culture is gaining more popularity not only in the cities but also in small towns which are developing at a promising rate with the passing years.

This gives potential entrepreneurs to really expand their business through franchising. Another benefit of the lassi shop franchise is that the business can generate revenues for almost the whole year. In India, summers are the longest seasons which goes on for more than 7 months. When the weather is scorching hot, what do people seek?

Beverages! For Indians, Lassi is like a go-to beverage to drink on a hot day. So franchisees of the brand can be in business the whole year and especially summer days where the sales are guaranteed to be skyrocketed. Franchising Lassi shop is very profitable as the owners can get around a 60% margin on the sale of the beverages.

A Lassi shop in India is like a common spot for people of all ages to gather, grab a glass of lassi, and talk. Hence, a Lassi shop franchisees can never stay idle as a business will be rolling all year long. 

Another benefit is that the Lassi shop company provide the franchisees with full support in every way for starting up the franchise. The company supports the franchisee in marketing, documenting the franchise, training of the employees, setting up the shop, finding the right location for setup depending on the customer base, and also provide support for security and connection to the supply chain. 


What Are the Requirements to Start a Lassi Shop Franchise in India?

There are certain requirements needed for owning a franchise of the Lassi shop. An area of 170 Sq.ft – 200 Sq.ft is required to set up the franchise. Setting up the franchise requires a small retail outlet area and it is required to be set up in a place where people can easily get a visit for a casual glass of lassi and mocktail.

To open a franchise of Lassi shop, potential owners are required to fill up the application for the franchise by entering in the necessary details such as email address, Aadhar card, etc and after the representative of the company would meet up with the potential candidates to go about with the signing of the agreement and the set up of the franchise.

The franchisees are required to follow the values of the Lassi shop by catering to the customers with the best quality and a huge array of flavors. Fresh fruits and vegetable smoothies are very healthy and owners of the franchisees are required to bring about innovative ideas in blending different kinds of fruits and veggies to provide the customers with healthy and nutritious drinks. This will help the franchisees in gaining an upper hand. At least four staff members are required to be employed in a Lassi shop franchise and trainings is required to be provided to the employees. 


How Much Investment Is Required to Start a Lassi Shop Franchise in India?

For setting up a lassi shop franchise, a minimum investment of INR 10 lakhs – 20 lakhs is required. The franchise has a profit margin of 60% with charges of 5% royalty on the sales. When an owner of a franchisee signs a standard agreement for the franchising, the validity of the agreement lasts for a lifetime. With the given costs of setup, a franchisee is expected to earn a monthly sales of around INR 7.5 lakh. 



Through the best quality of lassi and beverages, the ultimate mission of the Lassi shop is to celebrate the little special moments with loved ones: sharing and bonding over a glass of the traditional nostalgic lassi. To be a franchisee of the brand, the owners ought to dedicate their business in serving and helping people to live healthier lives whilst accelerating business growth. The beverages from the Lassi shop, especially the Lassi, never fail to leave the customers in seventh heaven and that’s exactly what a unique beverage does.