How to start a Kwality Walls Franchise
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How to start a Kwality Walls Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Kwality Walls Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.


Company History

Kwality Walls is one of India’s biggest and leading frozen dessert brands owned by Hindustan Unilever (HUL) which was founded in the year 1956. Kwality Walls distribute its products to other countries such as Malaysia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Brunei that came into action from the Fall of 2013. Two independent companies, Kwality of India and Wall’s ice cream brand of Great Britain were merged which brought the brand name.

The company was the first to import machinery for producing and selling ice creams on a large scale in India. In the initial years, the company saw a positive potential of the frozen dessert market, and consequently, in 1995 the company signed an agreement and became a subsidiary of Unilever.

Other brands under Hindustan Unilever helped in the promotion of Kwality Walls which allowed the production and sale of popular products in the market.

According to the 2012 Brand Trust Report, Kwality Walls was ranked 632nd and in 2014, the brand was ranked 382nd. The company gives opportunities for potential owners for Kwality Walls Franchise. 


What is Kwality Wall’s USP?

“Happiness is essential”. The ultimate mission of Kwality Walls is to spread happiness by putting smiles on everyone’s faces through their wide variety of desserts and ice creams. Kwality Walls caters to the taste buds of all age groups with huge varieties of frozen delights.

The reputed brand name, excellent distributions, and the diverse range of the delights flavors are the USPs of Kwality Walls. Kwality Walls has a reputed and well-established brand name as it is completely committed to the preferences and happiness of the customer base and efficient and effective teamwork to achieve high standards standard performance and productivity.

The brand has a very good marketing strategy for the distribution of the products with the idea of sustainability and a wide diversified assortment of ice creams and desserts. 


What are the benefits of owning a Kwality Wall’s franchise?

The franchising of Kwality Walls started in 2003 and ever since it has grown up to 300 franchisees in India. There are multiple benefits that come along with being a franchisee of the renowned brand. Perhaps, the best benefit of owning a franchise of the brand is the well-established reputation of the brand. The brand has become a household name.

Kwality Walls provides excellent investment returns for the franchise owners. The company produces a huge array of ice creams and dessert flavors suiting the taste buds of all its customers which increases the customer base and the company distribution strategy is excellent. Another benefit is that the franchise owners are provided with a detailed manual for its operations which include the support for development and design.

The company also provides franchisees with full extensive business support for promotion, marketing, and advertisement of the franchisee. The company provides exclusive territorial rights to the owners of the Kwality Walls Franchise. Another benefit of being a franchisee of the brand is that the owners of the franchisee can renew their agreement with the company after the completion of their 3 years term. 


Requirements for opening a Kwality Wall’s franchise outlet?

There are certain requirements needed for a Kwality Walls Franchise. The requirements for a Kwality Walls outlet is dependent upon the location of the outlet setting. In India, the franchisee can be set up in the form of two setups, as an exclusive shop or as a kiosk.

To set up the franchise as Kwality Walls ice cream parlor for Exclusive Shop, an area of 150 Sq.ft with 10 Sq.ft is required. And for the franchise to be set up as an ice cream parlor for Kiosk, an area of 8 × 6 Sq.ft is required. For Swirl’s ice cream parlor for Exclusive Shop and Kiosk, an area of 100 Sq.ft (with 12 Sq.ft frontage) and 8 × 8 Sq.ft is required respectively. 

Potential owners of the Kwality Walls Franchise are required to be courteous and have good communication skills to interact well with the customers. Potential owners are required to be well versed in basic mathematics skills to operate the billing systems. And potential owners are required to be flexible and be good at working in teams.

The franchisees are required to be trained and for this, all the necessary training to the franchisees is provided by the company. Aspects on running the franchise and important details are relayed by the company. At the time of opening the franchise outlet, the company provides an expert to guide the franchisee.

The expert is assigned by the company’s head office to guide the newly opened franchisee for some period of time. Detailed manuals on the franchisee operations and updated IT systems are provided by the company’s head office to the franchisee along with regular trainings for the franchise employees.

The detailed manuals give the franchisee owners the complete knowledge of running the franchise. Also, the owners of the franchisees of Kwality Walls are required to recruit at least three employees, two servers, and one cashier. Franchise of Kwality Walls can be opened all over India.


How much does it cost to start a Kwality walls franchise in India?

The costs of setting up a Kwality Walls Franchise depends upon the setting of the franchisee, that is whether it is an Exclusive Shop or Kiosk. The costs for setting up a Kwality Walls ice cream parlor for Exclusive Shop is around INR 2.5 lakhs- 3.5 lakhs.

For a Kwality Walls ice cream parlor for Kiosk, the cost requirement ranges from INR 2 lakhs-2.5 lakhs. For Swirl’s ice cream parlors for Exclusive Shop and Kiosk, the requirements of the cost are INR 7 lakhs and INR 6 lakhs respectively. 



Kwality Walls is a brand that is committed to bringing happiness through their colorful varieties of desserts and ice creams for all ages. To be a franchise under Kwality Walls is all about spreading love and happiness to everyone. Like its patented logo, Kwality Walls is a brand with a big heart to create moments of euphoria for everyone, the young and the old. ” A little bit of happiness for you”.