How to start a Yewale Tea Franchise
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How to start a Yewale Tea Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Yewale Tea Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.


Company History

Sri Dashrath Bhairu Yewale hailed from Askarwadi village in Purandar tehsil of Pune. He owned two buffaloes and sold their milk to make a living and support his family. But he was passionate about making tea and started his teashop with a friend on M.G. Road in Pune city. 

The shop flourished, and in 1983 he bought his own shop space at Salisbury Park and named it Ganesh Amruttulya. It soon became Pune’s most famous tea stop. Down the years, Khari biscuits. Cream rolls, Nankhatai were added to the menu to enhance the customer’s tea experience. Unfortunately, at the height of the shop’s popularity, in 2001 Dashrathbhai passed on and his son’s had to take over the business.

Inspired by their father’s principles of honesty and hard work, they all contributed to the operations, and after much research and experimentation found the perfect formula for what they decided to call Yewale Amruttulya Chaha. The tea powder was made at their home to prevent any change or adulteration of the taste of the tea.

They started selling Yewale Chaha near Bharti Vidyapeeth close to a friend’s food joint and that was where the brand took off. Today they are ready to spread the taste of their tea to not only across Maharashtra but also India. They even have plans to tap markets abroad. 


The USP of Yewale Amruttulya Tea

The entire Yewale family work as a team and are committed to making Yewale Amruttulya a world class brand. The Yewale brothers know that the only way to fulfill their dreams is to take on franchisees who will follow the company’s strict policies and take their product across the country and the world. They want to encourage the youth of Maharashtra to take on the challenge and allot their franchise to them instead of opting for seasoned people in the business.

The advantages of taking a Yewale Amruttulya franchise are as follows…

  • The product is of top-class quality. The tea powder is manufactured at the head office to ensure uniformity of taste no matter where you have it.
  • Every franchise point is given a timer that allows the tea to boil for precisely 7 minutes to maintain the taste
  • The milk for the tea is still sourced from their native Purandar and supplied to the franchisees. No packet milk allowed.
  • Another crucial factor is that only Sulphur free sugar is used in the tea, which is healthy. It prevents the tea from turning black.
  • Today the entire focus of the company is on their core product, the milk tea that they produce under strict hygienic conditions.


What are the benefits of owning a Yewale Tea Franchise in India?

  • It is a great opportunity for the youth of Maharashtra to start their own business
  • Since the product is of such high quality and so well known the franchisee does not have to spend extra money on marketing the brand
  • The tea market in India is so vast that profits are guaranteed if one takes a Yewale Amruttulya Chaha franchise.
  • The company provides the franchisee with in-house training to master the art of producing a perfect cup of tea every time
  • A dedicated expert is allotted to every franchisee to address any issue that may arise and solve it at the earliest.


What are the requirements needed to become eligible for a Yewale Tea Franchise outlet in India?

  • A well ventilated, clean and unpolluted space of 250-300sqft is required for the shop 
  • The kitchen has to have a refrigerator, a cooler and a milk boiling machine
  • A CCTV, a Wi-Fi connection, a billing machine and the basic software for operations are essential requirements for security purposes
  • A minimum staff of 3-4 people who are polite and intelligent enough to grasp the technique of brewing a good cup of tea.
  • The franchisee himself has to have good entrepreneurial skills so that he can take the brand name forward.
  • The shop will have to be kept open from 5am to 10pm every day of the year


How much does it cost to start a Yewale Amruttulya Franchise in India?

Yewale Tea awards franchise for 5 years with a renewable clause. 

The total investment required for a Yewale Amruttulya franchise is Rs 1,300,000/ of which

  • The franchise fee is Rs 3,00,000/
  • Interior designing including electrical fittings, hardware, ACP panel will cost Rs 4,00,000/
  • Kitchen equipment will cost Rs 4,80,000/ including milk boiling machine, milk cans, refrigerator, cooler, billing counter and gas pipeline.
  • Marketing, advertising and promotion of the franchisee will cost approximately Rs 1,50,000/

Licenses required after being made Yewale Amruttulya Tea Franchise

Once awarded the franchise, all food-related licenses have to be acquired by the franchisee.

  • Firm registration depending on its composition… Sole proprietorship or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) or Pvt Ltd Co (Private Limited Company) 
  • GST Registration
  • TIN – Tax identification number
  • Insurance Certificate
  • FSSAI – Food Safety and Standard Authority of India registration

In today’s market, taking a well-known franchise is a very good option to start your own business. Franchises are available in many spheres, particularly of activities like medical, hospitality, food and FMCG companies. If food is your area of interest Yewale Tea is a very good option.  


Contact details of Yewale Amruttulya Tea

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee of Yewale Chaha you can send them an email at

You can also visit their head office at Flat 101, 1st Floor, Silver Point, 201/1 Katraj-Kondhwa Road, Kondhwa, Pune 411046.

Their contact number is +91 8181 00800

Their website is

You can also download their Franchise application form from and apply online.

If you wish to start a business that brings an instant return on capital, taking a franchise of a well-known brand is a very good option. With the burgeoning tea market in India one can safely opt for a Yewale Amruttulya Chaha franchise. The investment is reasonable, the terms are amicable and the company will give you all the support you require. It is an opportunity the youth of the country should seriously investigate.