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How to start a Mahindra First Choice Services Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Mahindra First Choice Services Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.


Company History

Mahindra First Choice franchise is one of the most popular multi-brand used car company network in India, with more than 1700 outlets in around 810 cities. The Mahindra First Choice is a business unit of the popular Mahindra Group, found in 1945.

Early in 1945, the Mahindra group was launched as a steel company, and later in 1947, the company entered the automotive industry in India.

Over the years, the company has begun various other business ventures including, aerospace, agribusiness, automotive, components, finance and insurance, aftermarket, construction, hospitality, real estate, and many others.

The Mahindra First Choice franchise found in 1999 and franchising since 2003, has mainly two business divisions, the Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd and the Mahindra First Choice Services Ltd. Both these franchises are part of the automotive aftermarket sector.

The franchise was opened viewing the vast opportunity in the aftermarket sector, which includes the multi-brand used cars, services, and spare parts. Their major motive is to systemize the aftermarket sector and thereby provide an equal ecosystem to used vehicles like the new vehicles in India.


Mahindra First Choice Franchise Services USP

USP or the Unique Selling Proposition is the technique or marketing strategy that a company may adopt to make their business stick out of other competitors. Mahindra First Choice franchise is an early franchise that has organized the aftermarket sector in India.

Its unique selling proposition is it’s being the only most popular used car service provider along with used car sell-purchase facility. It also assures its customers professional and high-quality service. 

The franchise has a nation-wide presence with around 1700+ shops or markets and also a strong presence on online networks, providing its customers the trust, quality service, efficiency, and transparency, works as an effective USP for Mahindra’s aftermarket business in India. 


Benefits of owning a Mahindra First Choice Services Franchise

One of the largest benefits of working with Mahindra First Choice franchise is its wide reach. It is the only systemized multi-brand service provider in the Indian aftermarket sector with a wider reach in over 800 cities in India.

It also provides quality services, certified used cars, and warranty products to its customers overused automotive, as a result of which the franchise is often the first choice for all. It has recently crossed the one million car services mark and has around 328 franchisee workshops across 22 states in India.

The largest benefit that the Mahindra franchise provides is the trust and confidence that the company has among the customers. Yet another benefit of the Mahindra franchise over any other is its transparency.

The authority offers transparency in used car prices and the selling is also done at a premium over prevailing market price. The franchise follows strict quality checks and makes sure that the used cars are reconditioned.

They also keep a 118-point checklist and the quality certification of the product before making any deal. These are some of the advantages of dealing with the franchise.

Mahindra first choice franchise arranges regular training programs for its workers and dealers to ensure quality services to the customers. The franchise gives training for car evaluation, transfer of car documents, management of the store and staff, sale agreement with customers, etc.

They also offer their franchisee and customers financial and insurance benefits, with the help of associations with national-level companies. All these benefits attract dealers and customers to the franchise in India.


What are the requirements to start a Mahindra First Choice Services Franchise in India?

The Mahindra First Choice franchise requires a 500-1000 square feet office space, with a parking space for around 15-20 cars, and also a specific working capital.

The franchise requirements also include specific eligibility for salaried individuals, self-employed individuals, partnership firms, and private or public limited company.

The age limit drawn for salaried applicants is 21-60years and the same for self-employed individuals is 21-65years. 

The franchise also provides regulations regarding the minimum employment required for salaried individuals as well as self-employed individuals, according to which salaried individuals must be presently employed for at least a year and have been employed for a minimum of 2 years, and the self-employed individuals should have an experience of minimum 3 years in business.

The self-employed individuals are also required to have a minimum annual income of Rs.60000 and for salaried individuals, the gross household income, including the income of the spouse must be more than Rs.100000. Salaried individuals are also supposed to have a telephone at home.

For partnership firms, a minimum income of Rs.60000 per annum and a minimum turnover of Rs.450000 is required. Similarly, a private or public limited company must have an annual income of Rs.60000 at the least. Along with these, the partnership firms must have a landline number both at office and residence or a post-paid mobile number with a three-month validity in case of availability of landline at a single place. The private or public limited company is also required to have an office landline number.


How much does a Mahindra First Choice Services Franchise cost?

The cost requirement to begin a Mahindra First Choice franchise in India is a basic amount of Rs.2000000 and the maximum amount for the same is around Rs.5000000. People having the capital in hand along with other requirements like the office space can start the franchise.



The Mahindra First Choice is the prominent automotive aftermarket company in India. The company, with its well-established brand name, has remained the leading used car service provider for a long period in India. The company is also popular among the customers for their quality service. It is also one of the most sorted franchises in the country, especially in the automotive sector.

People can have a lot of benefits through the Mahindra franchise like the quality service, trust, transparency in selling and buying process, training programs by the company, etc. are some among them. The company also provides a set of requirements for franchising with the company, which have been already mentioned. The application procedure is quite simple once all the requirements are fulfilled. One just needs to fill up the application form provided in the Mahindra first choice website and attach all the necessary documents. On passing the filtering process the company calls the selected applications for discussions and be part of the franchise.