How to start a Chai Point Franchise
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How to start a Chai Point Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Chai Point Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.


Company History

Chai Point is an Indian company and cafe chain aiming at serving tea-based beverages. They have grown over the years and recently started selling their teams on online platforms. They offer brands to franchisee partners.

Chai Point came into being upholding this element of how important tea is to Indians. This might be the reason for their success story. The company emerged from the thought that there was not a single tea venture at the time. The name came from the Indian word Chai, meaning Tea.

Chai Point started their journey from Bangalore as a pilot store in April 2020, part of Mountain Trail Food Pvt. Ltd. They saw the business rise within months and were soon able to open their second store.

Over the years now, Chai Point has made its presence visible in eight cities- Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai, serving more than 3 lakh customers each day in various retail locations from airports to parks.

The tea leaves for the companies are collected from high quality tea estates located around Assam, Darjeeling, and the Nilgiris. They have also extended their service from physical stores to delivery under the name of ‘Chai-on-call’. Apart from tea, they serve some snacks with it.


What are the USP of Chai Point?

Chai Point aims at selling a great cup of Chai every time. They are popular among the customers for their fresh and natural ingredients with no preservatives. The Chai Point Franchise outlets are also served with a service, Garden to Glass serving vacuum-packed whole tea leaves packed in biodegradable packets for receiving the same experience at their own homes.

They have also set up an online platform, which is used for selling automatic dispensers of freshly brewed tea and coffee to corporate companies. The delivery services also aimed to provide hot tea within the shortest period of time within flasks. 

They work on the basis of two-element, the customers, and the average order size. They maintain these at high priorities which have helped to succeed with the business. The main aspect of significance here is that this does not remain confined to a single store. They maintain this throughout all of their stores. Thus, customers receive the same experience from all stores of Chai Point located across the country.

The main vision of Chai Point Franchise from the initial years was to provide a tea-based food and beverage retail chain spread across India which upholds the values to the core. They aim at serving working Indians by providing warm, tasty, and healthy tea.

They basically follow the Partner Franchise Model which opens the chances of employees buying a franchise. This is a significant aspect of the employment value proposition.


What are the benefits of owning a Chai Point franchise in India?

Chai Point Franchise serves great tea to all its customers with tea leaves collected from high quality estates. This has helped the company to expand the circle of customers quite large. The company has partnered with Mountain Trail Academy.

They provide updated training to their employees and franchise owners on brewing authentic tea and on the best ways of serving customers. MTA provides services that maintain the quality of the company. They also aim at making use of the best skills among the employees. Chai Point Franchise receives trained staff to train the staff members and ensure a continuous supply of good service.

The franchise outlets often maintain tie-ups with the local stores and offices who are served with authentic tea. This helps the company to build a periodic income flow and good advertising.


What are the requirements for starting a Chai Point Franchise?

Setting up a Chai Point Franchise in India requires various elements for success. These include various factors into consideration like the area, employee structures continuous operatory regions, training, and budget.

The area is one of the major factors to consider. Chai Point needs an overall area of 600 to 800 square feet. The property for the outlet could be either owned or leased. The initial outlets are often bound to be leased. Apart from the property, the Chai point Franchise would require a good financial budget to be set up. The total one-time investment amount that could be used for setting up a Franchise would round up to 25-50 lakh rupees. If the business succeeds well, one would be able to receive back the entire investment within 2 years. 

The franchise would also require skilled workers who can serve the core vision. They should able to maintain hygienic and healthy conditions within the outlets. The staff should be able to serve the customers, giving them a good reason to visit the outlet often. The owner of the Franchise would also require good business skills to build strong customer support and endure the quality of the products that are served. This can help to grow the business far and wide. 

Employees should work along with the motive of the company and provide innovative ideas to improve customer satisfaction. The quality of the tea should be made better with progress without any compromise on the quality and health of the customers. MTA provides enough training to the staff and owners on serving the customers and bringing quality products for the better look of the company. MTA aims at building up a strong workforce able to severe authentic tea and satisfy customers to their best along with innovative inclusion in the business.

The final requirement is the region of operation. Chai Point is located at various outlet stores to attract different customer bases. They aim at serving working Indians and have set up Franchises at corporate companies, airports, parks, and high streets. This has helped them to grow their business far and reach to 8 cities of the country.


What are the costs for a Chai Point Franchise?

Setting up the Chai Point Franchise, as mentioned above requires around 25-59 lakh Rupees, covering the total expenses. The initial installment will be returned back and more profit can be earned if the franchise becomes a hit. 

The price of Chai Point prices remains constant in all the outlets across the 8 cities. This is maintained to be worth the quality of tea served to each customer.



Chai point Franchise is a company set up with the aim of selling tea and tea-based products to Indian customers. Starting from a single outlet, the company has been able to reach 8 cities in the country. This article looks through the history of the company and the USP that they offer. The benefits and requirements of setting up a Chai Point Franchise have been detailed. Finally, the cost of the franchise has been mentioned.