How to start a Bikanervala Franchise
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How to start a Bikanervala Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Bikanervala Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.


Company History

Bikanervala is a well-known Indian company that produces Indian sweets and savories. The company history begins 115 years ago, with a small family-owned business in Bikaner, Rajasthan, called the Lalji sweets and namkeen store.

Their first venture was started in Chandni Chowk when a small part of their family moved out of Bikaner in Rajasthan to Delhi in the 1950s. Over the years, the Bikanervala Franchise has grown as an 1100 crore company with more than 85 outlets all over India and around 26 franchise units across the globe.

The company’s first store in Delhi was earlier called the Bikaner Bhujia Bhandar and later on when the people of Delhi started identifying the store as Bikanervala, it became the new brand name for the store and later for the entire franchise.

It is in 1960 that they began extending their productivity by including more variety of traditional Indian sweets and savories. Later in 1968 Shyam Sundar Aggarwal, the current Managing Director, joined the company, and it is under his administration that the company opened many outlets in India.

He also guided the business to a global market by introducing a brand name ‘Bikano’, in 1988, for sweets and savory in air-tight packaging. They also produced ‘Lehar’, a savory exclusively for PepsiCo in 1995, as part of an agreement. Further, they have successfully opened the Bikaner Chat Café in 2003 and Angan later on, both restaurants solely for serving the customers their products in a friendly manner.


What is the USP of Bikanervala Foods?

The USP of the Bikanervala Franchise includes a lot of features like the history of the brand name, the wide range, and the quality of products and reasonable pricing.

Bikanervala has built up itself as one of the most popular brand names among traditional Indian sweets and savory business. The trust that the brand name provides along with its experience of more than 100 years has attracted a bunch of customers. 

The company offers its customers a wide range of products from traditional sweets to namkeen(savory) to the Indian chaat items and many others. All these varieties of sweet and savory items are made available at all their outlets in India as well as abroad.

The company has strongly maintained their consistency in traditional flavors, which is a major attraction of the brand. A considerable amount of importance is given to the customers, their interests and suggestions and the have never compromised over the quality and taste of their products.

They also ensure that the products are made in a hygienic environment with good quality materials and have also successfully maintained the taste of their products throughout these years. The quality standards have not led to an increase in the rate of its products and have remained feasible until this day.

The company’s advancing in the hospitality sector by inaugurating the Bikaner Chat Café and the Angan restaurant has taken the business to a higher level attracting more people to it.


What are the benefits of having a Bikanervala Franchise in India?

One of the largest benefits of having Bikanervala Franchise is the brand name. The popularity of the brand across the globe makes it a company with the largest customer support in the food sector in India. This reduces the advertisement’s needs while opening a new franchise.

The high-quality assurance that the brand provides its customers, makes sure that they revisit the outlets every time. The company offers unadulterated traditional homemade sweets and snacks.

Franchise owners can get the return on investment quickly as the company has a good turnover. Moreover, the company does not charge any kind of royalty fee and therefore the franchise partners can get a fair amount of profit.


What are the requirements for the Bikanervala franchise?

The Bikanervala Franchise in India requires a basic area of 1200-2000 sq. ft., which can be either owned or rented by the owner. The company also sets certain qualifications for running the franchise.

The franchise owners required to have entrepreneurial and administrative skills, along with a fair amount of knowledge regarding the products. The franchise should also have confectioners, who have the skills and experience in making traditional Indian sweets and savories.

The company asks for a minimum of 10-15 employees at every franchise. The franchise owners and employees are required to be trained in operating the outlets and the company provides filed assistance and time-to-time training for the outlet managers. 


What is the cost of opening a Bikanervala franchise in India?

The overall cost of setting up a Bikanervala Franchise in India is estimated to be 1-5 crores. An initial total investment of 12 lakhs is required, excluding the employee salary, bills, the franchise fee, etc.

The owners are also required to pay a franchise fee of approximately 15-50 lakhs depending largely on the location chosen for the outlet. The Bikanervala company does not demand any kind of royalty fee for the franchise.



The Bikanervala food company is one of the well-known producers of traditional Indian sweets and savories. The company has a network of franchises in India and abroad providing the customers quality products.

They have remained in the business since the 1950s and has achieved great success over the years, especially with the joining of Shyam Sundar Aggarwal as its Managing Director. They have also made successful agreements with international companies like PepsiCo. 

Bikaner Franchise with its internationally popular brand name provides the franchise owner the favor of its customers.

The company has a wide range of products for its customers like the traditional sweets, namkeen(savory), chaat items, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian and continental cuisines and they also supply sweet boxes and gift hampers.

All these are prepared in hygienic conditions, following the traditional generation-old recipes. They also assure its customers the quality of products at a reasonable price.

Franchising with the Bikanervala company has a lot of benefits including the profit, even though the initial investments including area and capital might seem expensive. People who can fulfill all the requirements put forward by the company can apply for the franchise.

The contact details of the company are provided on their official website and interested ones can contact then through email, mobile number, or by post. They provide one of the best products in the food industry in India.