How to start a Medlife Franchise
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How to start a Medlife Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

A franchise is a business concept that has become extremely popular in today’s market across the globe. When a well-established brand needs to expand its market base, it opts to appoint a franchisee. A franchisee is an individual or a company with a favorable location and can operate a business under the first company’s brand name. It helps the franchiser’s brand reach areas where it is not economically viable for the franchiser to run its infrastructure.

This concept also helps new people start a business with an existing market base, an existing operating system, and guaranteed sales. The location of the Medlife franchise in India doesn’t matter until the brand’s products or services are identical. Therefore, the franchisor has to be very careful in selecting the franchisee since his name, and goodwill will depend on him. And he will have to provide comprehensive training to the franchisee so that his original products and services remain the same.

There are some basic requirements that both the master franchisor and the franchisee need to have for a successful partnership.

Master Franchisor

  • The company interested in giving a franchise needs to have an excellent product. This comprehensive operating system can quickly be adopted by a new party, a market base that the franchisee can tap into, and is willing to give all its proprietary details to the franchisee.


  • The party interested in taking a franchise has to have the necessary space and funds required by the franchisor for lending its name and business.
  • It has to understand the new business it is taking on and be ready to build the required infrastructure.
  • It has to be committed to the brand it will be working for and ensure that its goodwill is maintained.

India is a burgeoning market, and most companies are looking to spread their business into the interiors of this vast country. The pharmaceutical industry in India is one of the largest in the world. Online sale of medicine is a relatively new concept and has succeeded in reaching all kinds of drugs to different country corners.


History of Medlife

Medlife International Pvt Ltd was established in Bangalore in 2014 by two firebrand men, Mr. Tushar Kumar and Mr. Prashant Singh. Mr. Saurabh Agarwal later joined them. Although it started as just an online portal for the sale and delivery of medicines, it has brought the entire gamut of healthcare under its roof in the past six years.

In 2018, Metlife International Pvt Ltd was awarded the “Best Pharma Delivery E-Platform Company” by Frost and Sullivan, which declared that the company held almost 30% share of the e-pharma market.

Today the company has a client base of more than a million registered users. These users are so satisfied that they have helped the company grow through referrals to family and friends. Bengaluru Medlife International Pvt Ltd spread to Mumbai and today, it is present in 21 cities and is linked to 50 licensed pharmacies.

Fraud is a word that is common in today’s world. One hears of many fake medicine factories and how much tragedy result from those fake medicines. Medlife ensures doorstep delivery of genuine medicines. It has succeeded in bridging the gap between accessible and quality medical treatment and the citizen of India.

Metlife International Pvt Ltd today not only provides medicines but also other healthcare needs like diagnostic and laboratory services, doctor’s consultations, and especially free e-consultations with specialists. For people who are not tech-savvy, it also has a phone in facilities for their services.

With the COVID 19 virus creating havoc across the world, people are basically under lockdown and homebound. Going out, standing shoulder to shoulder, or in a long line at a pharmacy is no longer an option. Yet humanity cannot do without medicines or doctors and pathological tests. Getting all these services online and subsequently, home-delivered is the only option. Medlife International Pvt Ltd has very successfully filled this gap in the market. A person who opts for a Medlife franchise will not only earn an excellent income but also do his bit to contribute to society.


What is the USP of Medlife Franchise?

A single unit in Bengaluru can’t service an entire country, so naturally, Medlife International Pvt Ltd has had to appoint franchisees to spread its services across the country. As of 2019, it has more than 100 franchisees. The company is still on the lookout for financially secure, reliable, dedicated people to appoint as franchisees, follow the company’s norms, and provide quality services that will help establish its name and reputation. Unlike standard franchise models, the Medlife Franchise model is an agent-assisted e-commerce model wherein the agent is the franchise partner of Medlife.


Requirements for Medlife Franchise in India

Those interested in applying for Medlife Franchise must have the following

  • A commercial area of a minimum of 120 sqft.
  • For the display glow sign outside, there should be a minimum space of 2×1.5 ft. The maximum size can be 6x3ft.
  • Dedicated employees with necessary computer skills
  • They have to be able to read prescriptions and disburse medicines accordingly.
  • They should also be able to handle phone calls regarding medical needs
  • The minimum staff requirement is 1-2 pharmacists (depending on the size of the shop) and an accountant to keep all accounts up to date and check and maintain inventory.
  • Depending on the store’s size, the financial requirement a franchise agent needs ranges from Rs 1 lakh to about Rs 3 lakhs.


What are the benefits of having a Medlife Franchise in India?

Medlife International Pvt Ltd is an e-pharmacy and healthcare service provider that gives its franchisees excellent customer support

  • It is a company that gives an excellent return on an investment, which is exceptionally reasonable.
  • It does not demand any investment for stock
  • It provides a 20% discount to customers on all prescription medicine.
  • The company is offering various Online payment options
  • The franchisee is provided with total marketing support and dedicated territorial rights
  • Both rural and urban areas got benefited from the same impeccable support from the company.
  •  Women entrepreneurs are given special considerations
  • Medlife International Pvt Ltd provides all training to the franchisee and his employees.
  • Awards and incentives are also given to top performers
  • All marketing collaterals like the glow sign, printed bills, etc. are provided by the company.
  • An operating manual is provided by the company that explains in detail the billing system
  • Every customer will get access to the login id in typical online methodology, and the franchise agent will send an OTP (one-time-password). The medicine order can be fed into the computer program only after the OTP is entered.


Earning options as a franchisee of Medlife

The following are the commission rates that a franchisee will earn once he becomes a registered agent of Medlife International Pvt Ltd

  • Medicine delivery 7.5%
  • Laboratory tests 15%
  • Essentials 15%
  • Doctor’s Consultation Rs 25
  • Over the counter sales 5%

Medlife Franchise calculates commission on the net sales. Medlife sends a Sales report to the agent who tallies it with his dashboard. He then confirms the figure to Medlife. The details will be forward to the validation team. After that, by the 20th of each month, the commission amount is credited to the franchisee’s bank account.


How to apply for a Medlife Franchise in India

If you are interested in opening a pharmacy, Medlife International Pvt Ltd is your best option. Your investments are low, and your returns are excellent. You will also become an indispensable part of your society, helping humanity to cope with all their medical needs.

You can contact Medlife International Pvt Ltd either by email or on their customer support telephone number.

Upon receiving your inquiry, you will be sent an enrollment form that you will need to fill up and send back to the company with the following documents.

  • A scanned copy of your Pan Card
  • A canceled cheque which has your name on it
  • A copy of your passport-sized photo

You will have to send in the pin code of your premises’ location to Medlife, and they will consider your application only if your pin code is free; if not, they will suggest a pin code from a nearby location, and you can opt for space there.

Once your documents are verified, the company will send its team to inspect your premises. If approved, you will be awarded the franchise.

If taking a franchise is what you are looking at, why not think of Medlife Franchise in India. The process is easy, the investment is not out of reach, and the income is fairly good. You will not regret it.