How to start a Dr Lal Path Lab Franchise
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How to start a Dr Lal Path Lab Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Healthcare Industry, also known as the medical industry, is a huge integration of sectors within the economic system that provides goods and services to the people leading a sedentary life and who need curative, preventive, and rehabilitative care. It includes hospitals, medical services, clinical trials, health insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and gear.

The modern healthcare industry involves three essential branches that are services, products, and finance divided into various sectors and categories based on the population and geographic region. It is India’s largest source of revenue and employment to date.

Dr. Lal PathLabs franchise is one of the oldest and highly-reputed private pathology labs that are distributed in India and all across the world. The best-in-class medical equipment and door to door service have gained its reputation for the past 60 years that has not diminished even 1%.


History of Dr. Lal PathLabs

Dr. Lal PathLab is providing pathology services for the last 60 years. The late Dr. Major S.K. Lal started it in the year 1949. Dr. S.K Lal has set up the first laboratory in Delhi. He was trained as under the junior doctor post in the British Indian army and completed his pathology in Armed Forces Medical college situated in Pune. Additionally, Dr. Lal also got the additional trainer course from Cook County Hospital in Chicago.

Dr. Lal PathLabs was the only foremost lab to perform diagnosis and testing that includes routine tests like blood tests and other specialized tests. The main achievements include the award for the Best Diagnostic Service Company by VCCircle in the year 2013 and ‘APL Clinical Institute of Clinical Laboratory & Research Private Ltd. The laboratory services Molecular diagnostics, Oncology, Endocrinology, Toxicology, and many more. And still, in the current time, they are expanding themselves to help more people by taking the help of advanced technology in this modern world.


USP of Dr. Lal PathLabs

Dr. Lal PathLabs is considered one of the best diagnostic laboratories that India has had in the Healthcare Industry for the past 60 years. The lab provides a wide range of healthcare solutions with technology, radiology, and cardiology services on point. But the advanced technology implementation is another biggest reason behind the exposure that this pathology lab franchise got worldwide. Not only this, but because the advanced technology has higher accuracy in diagnosing any disease, and this is what a patient or customer wants from a pathology lab.

It is a fast-paced world, and hence Dr. Lal PathLabs has specially designed consumer packages that easily adjust to one’s lifestyle and economic feasibility. They also provide accurate detection of diseases quite early before its attack and show extreme care and dedication towards its users.

Dr. Lal PathLabs has been delivering and catering diagnostic services to over 10 million people in a single year worldwide. It is why Dr. Lal PathLabs has been accredited so well from CAP, NABL, and ISO. It has nationwide coverage in so-termed ‘Tier 1’ and ‘Tier 2’ cities with 24×7 customer service.

Patients can access the online portal to check their test results and other data that they require. It is the main reason why and how Dr. Lal PathLabs has succeeded in having such a large and diverse customer base. Think about this franchise from the perspective of a customer; the Dr. Lal Path Labs have everything that a consumer can expect from a good pathology lab.


Benefits of having a Dr. Lal Pathlabs Franchise

  • A personalized app that provides convenience and feasibility to the customers to book appointments and take the test as per their convenience with a minimal fee.
  • They provide accurate results on or before the time that itself is very quick, not like other pathology labs that take around one or two days to deliver a particular test report. It actually seems a bit strange in this modern era, but technology implementation is considerably is the biggest point why Dr. Lal Path Labs got huge success.
  • Employees’ needs are fulfilled quite quickly without any hesitation with the customized packages that provide them flexibility in payment and test required.
  • It has an online HR wellness portal that provides help and manages every employer’s wellness. Therefore the reputation is also on a good level of this pathology lab franchise worldwide.
  • Employees’ lives are never at stake as they have a specialized health risk assessment test, and every employee can benefit from it.
  • One more added benefit is the end-to-end automation that helps employees focus more on their job and avoid distractions often.


Worth getting Dr. Lal Pathlabs Franchise?

  • Lal Path Labs is one of the oldest known private chains of pathology laboratories worldwide with over 60 years of experience that is truly amazing and worthy of your time and money spent. In short, you have a bright path to get huge exposure by getting into the franchise of the oldest and most popular pathology laboratories.
  • The company uses top-notch and advanced technological tools and medical equipment to detect tests accurately and diagnose diseases. This means there are almost zero chances of any mistake or misconception when someone arrives to get a disease diagnosis.
  • Service is the first and foremost goal of this firm, and hence they have 24×7 customer support for any query to be resolved. Therefore, a customer can call and ask for a solution to his/her query, and in this way, they actually build a specific relationship with their customers.
  • Diagnostic packages are ergonomically and structurally designed for customer’s satisfaction and for customers who feel that certain diseases don’t produce any early warning signs.
  • Moreover, customers will also benefit from pre-employment health check-ups, discounts, and drug-testing with the companies that they have a tie-up. In short, this franchise provides a full package of benefits to the consumers and their employees.


Requirements and Costs for Dr. Lal Pathlabs Franchise

  • Lal PathLabs offers two different types of franchise opportunities to take up that are: Dr. Lal PathLabs diagnostic center and Dr. Lal PathLabs collection center.
  • The diagnostic center that they offer is where the tests take place and where the test results are identified and published. The total area required to set up a diagnostic center is around 3,500 square feet. The central location in the town and the ground floor is the construction area.
  • The collection center that they require should be an outlet where the staff collects all the required blood and other samples required for further diagnosis and tests collected directly from the customers and sends it to the diagnostic center. The total area required for setting up this collection center is about 150-300 sq. Ft. It must be constructed on the ground floor somewhere near a commercial area.
  • Diagnostic Centre Franchise: Around 25 CrExcluding Lab & Testing Instrument
  • Collection Centre Franchise: Around 3- 5 Lakh Depending On the Location
  • Franchise/Brand Fee: 50,000 Security Deposit
  • Royalty/Commission: 25% To 30% Commission


Skills Required for Dr. Lal Pathlabs Franchise

  • They require an experienced and certified pathology lab technician and some lab assistants who have an associate degree in laboratory science. If anyone has a previous and decent lab experience, then it would be a great thing.
  • The technician must be able to multitask and have the knowledge to manage, store, and examine the collected specimens. It is the candidates’ primary requirement because this is the most practical work that a person has to do after joining.
  • A candidate should have strong verbal and written communication skills with a friendly approach towards customers and doctors. The niceness of a candidate can impress customers and doctors both, which ultimately helps to increase the overall reputation of a particular branch.
  • Must have good knowledge of Excel spreadsheets and medical software that they use. It’s because multiple tools and software are increasing year by year in this particular field.
  • One should have prior experience in almost every type of medical equipment currently used to diagnose, test, and conduct procedures to get the final result.
  • The lab also requires a cleaning crew that can work at all times and keeps the lab spotless and sterile.
  • The lab also recruits lab receptionists (female preferred) to make sure the incoming customers register themselves and the information and support they require.
  • The lab also hires an accountant where they maintain books and keep a check on the stock available in the warehouse.
  • They require a candidate who has a good combination of smartness and hard work, and they should be willing to spend any time of the day for work.



Dr. Lal PathLabs has been a center for innovation and a quality clinic across various cities in India. Investors have seen a gradual yet profitable growth in terms of expansion and economic profits made. The profit that Dr. Lal PathLabs had made in March 2018 was around 266.8 crores, whereas, at the end of March 2019 was around 301.10 crores.

They have shown remarkable growth substantially over the past 60 years without any downfall with constant growing profits that have established a strong brand. It displays the best opportunity to get a passive income monthly and your daily job.