How to Open Merwans Franchise
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How to Open Merwans Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

As you have stumbled upon our article on how and why to get the Merwans franchise, we are assuming you are interested in taking the franchise. We have got you covered. Keep reading till the end and you will have all your questions answered regarding the Merwans franchise.

Merwans is not just a bakery, it is a feeling, it is a temptation, it is the magic that colors your taste buds and makes a way to your heart.

Merwans is a famed name and brand that has been winning hearts for decades now. The name is on every mouth when it comes to sweet treats and mouth-watering food.

Merwans is called the king of the food industry with its roots fixed in the market for a very long time now. The terrific reputation of Merwans is the reason this is one of the oldest brands that continues to grow.

The soothing ambiance and vibrant yet calm atmosphere of the bakery are what attract people and make them comfortable. Merwans has always focused on keeping the consumers satisfied rather than making profits. Thus, the prices of all the products are conveniently low and affordable.

The brand is vividly known for serving fresh bakes straight from the oven.

The menu of this place is listed with cookies, cupcakes, rolls, puff pastries, cakes, desserts and so much more to count on. But the star of the bakery is the lip-smacking puff pastries and the delicious cupcakes.

The prices for pastries are as low as 50 – 70 rupees and a puff costs between 15 to 30 rupees making it a bustling place with students, young adults, and officer goers in all the corners.


History of Merwans

Merwans is a family venture that began as a tradition in 1930. Mr.K. M. Irani and his wife Mrs. D. K. Irani were the ones that started it 90 years ago and had led it on for 4 generations.

The freshly baked products gained instant popularity to mark the start of a legacy. In 1972, the legacy was passed on to Merwan Irani by his parents. He then re-launched the brand under his name.

His vision for the venture was to make it a household name by enduring all the qualities that would favor his customers.

He introduced the latest technologies and innovative recipes to brighten up the menu. He took Merwans to immense heights and made the brand invincible.

The legacy was then passed on to the third generation in the family, Mr. M.K. Irani and his wife Mrs. B.M. Irani who invested their heart and mind in the business.

They introduced several phenomenal recipes on the menu and crossed the mark of success they needed to.

Currently, the brand is being run by the 4th generation of the family.


USP’s of Merwans

  • Fresh Baking – Merwans have risen from the tradition of fresh baking and the brand continues the same to date. Merwans has made fresh products their identity. Freshly baked pastries, puffs, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc are always more tempting then preserved food products and Merwans has used that in the perfect way.
  • Affordable – While imperial bakeries always price their products thoroughly expensive. Merwans makes sure to keep it affordable to make their reach to the maximum number of customers.
  • Great taste and quality – Keeping the price as low as 15 to 30 rupees for a puff do not mean the brand sacrifice the taste or the quality. The taste is the utmost priority kept in check on an everyday basis by the company.
  • More in less – While expenses in every market are reaching the sky and affording more means spending more, Merwans has decided to ditch the concept. With keeping the prices extremely low they ensure the customers can get more products for less money to ensure customer satisfaction.


Why own a Merwans franchise in India?

  • Reputation and Fame – The impeccable and legendry reputation and fame of the brand have come out from 90 years of its successful running. Owning the Merwans franchise will come along its reputation that will ensure your income and profit both.
    Every business runs on its reputation. With Merwans reputation earned in 90 long years, you would not have to start all over to earn a reputation for your business. You can simply have to resume to start the venture and make a profit out of it.
    Being the household name in India, every child, teenager, student, college-goers, and office workers find it as an approachable and comfortable place to sit and enjoy their time while they eat good food of their trusted brand.
  • Knowledge derived from Experience – Running for 90 years, the company has gained enough experience and was able to get knowledge with their incredible experience.
    When you own a Merwans franchise you get entitled to the knowledge too. The company guide and provide all the knowledge that you might need. The company will guide you right from the start to the end of the establishment process. You can always ask for guidance and help whenever you are stuck even years after the establishment of the Merwans franchise.
  • Timely Supply – Delivering smiles on the faces of their customers is the prime motto of Merwans. This is why the chain is very prompt with its delivery service. The supply chain is always connected with a super fast delivery service.
    You would not have to outsource anything. You won’t have to work out on the menu, set the recipe, and innovate anything. The brand does it for you. You get a pre-curated menu and do not have to work hard for people to test it and like it. It comes with all rests done.
  • Chain Management – the management of the chain is impeccable. The management looks after all the Merwans franchise, take regular rounds to support the owner and team of the Merwans franchise, supply all the products in the given time, gives required information and support, and look after the technical troubles you may have been facing.
  • Support – The management support provided to the franchises are incredible. If the Merwans franchise owner or the team has any quarries, the management is always actively available to solve the troubles.


What is the cost of owning a Merwans franchise?

While establishing a complete bakery would need a handful of amount, it is definitely not going to cost you a fortune. To own a Merwans franchise and start your own business you will need a capital of at least 35 to 40 lakh rupees. The fees of the Merwans franchise will cost you around 10 lakh rupees.

Further, you will need to establish a properly functioning commercial kitchen, a restaurant space, marketing techniques, office assets and a lot more.

You will also need some liquid capital in your hand.

Everything in total will amount around 35-40 lakh rupees.

Gradually with the time, you will be able to recover it all for sure.


What does the Merwans franchise bond?

Merwans before giving the franchise does take a background check to ensure your experience in the industry and your capability to afford the franchise. Once cleared the background check, you will be able to start your Merwans franchise.

Before that, you will have to sign the bond. As per the bond, the Merwans franchise will sustain for 5 years for the given fee. You can always renew the bond after it is done once.

The company after signing the bond gives you the right assistance and training on how to start working on your own Merwans franchise.


What are the requirements of a Merwans franchise in India?

Staff requirement

Depending on the minimum area required to own a Merwans franchise, the owner has to hire a minimum of 6-7 employees. If the carpet area of the Merwans franchise is larger than the minimum requirement than the number of employees will be increased as well.

Interviewing and appointing the staff is the responsibility of the owner or the manager of the franchise.


Location availability

There are 50+ running Merwans franchises in India. Pune alone has 35+ Merwans franchises and there are 15 Merwans franchises in Mumbai. Right now Merwans is planning to grow its franchises more in Mumbai.

To open a Merwans franchise, the owner needs to buy or lease/rent a place at a prime location to make it reachable for the customers.



To understand the USPs of the company, the marketing strategy, the business module, and the working of the company training is arranged. The training can be conducted at the headquarters or at the location of the franchise. This helps the owner as well as the staff of the new Merwans franchise in understanding and getting on to the work with efficiency and ease. It helps them to fulfill the goal of the brand.


Experience, knowledge, and skills

The person applying for the ownership of the Merwans franchise must have past experiences in operating business in the food industry. Apart from that, Merwans will also asses the person on his knowledge and skills before giving them ownership of the Merwans franchise.



The top priority of Merwans is keeping the customer satisfied, happy, and welcoming. For the same, the brand has always targeted in making the ambiance of the brand calm, soothing, and relaxing.

The area required to own one’s own Merwans franchise is 650 square feet of carpet area to establish a proper arrangement for indoor or outdoor sitting with the perfect ambiance.



Merwans has been in the industry for 90 years and has become the taste of the hearts. The name is on every mouth, fixing its roots in every household.

When you own a Merwans franchise, you will not need to start afresh from building your own reputation or goodwill. The franchise comes with impeccable fame and brand image that will help you grow and sustain your business.

The brand’s motto is to serve fresh products to the customers at a very low and affordable price. This over the years has made Merwans the most beloved place by the youth.

At Merwans, a customer can always buy more for less making it an affordable place.

Owning a Merwans franchise has very simple measurements one has to undertake.

To get your Merwans franchise you will first have to ensure and check if they have availability at the location you are targeting. Then you will need to arrange the capital required. After that, the company will check your background, will check your experience in the food industry, and will assess your skills and knowledge to ensure your potential.

Once you are offered the Merwans franchise, you will have to sign a bond for rupees 10 lakhs stating that you own the franchise for the next 5 years. You can renew your franchise after 5 years.

After the deal is signed, you will hire the staff, get the training from the company and start running the business as you perceive.