How to Open Mio Amore Franchise
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How to Open Mio Amore Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Mio Amore Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

Mio Amore caters to its customers with a massive range of scrumptious desserts and delicacies that melts in the mouth like sweet drops honey to make the customer fall in love. The freshly baked food and the wide range of confectionery products are what make Mio Amore a brand that people love and can associate with at a personal level.

Mio Amore is a bakery that offers a wide menu of delicacies to its customers that does not drill a hole in their pockets. The bakery also has something for everyone and food for all the moods. With their carefully designed and regularly updated with new and in trend dishes menu, is one thing that attracts the customer.

The bakery does not offer free food, we surely do not live in heaven, but the prices are too affordable. One can have several dishes at the price that they had to pay for one anywhere else.

The two components that make Mio Amore a welcoming place is their freshly prepared food and the ambiance of the place. So if you are looking for a new hangout spot, you know which place to checkout.


History of Mio Amore


What started with the partnership in the business between Switz Foods Pvt Ltd. (SPFL) and Khorakiwala family under the brand name of Monginis, ended with the same.

Monginis was a huge and trusted brand name. Switz Foods Pvt Ltd. (SPFL) and Monginis signed a deal where Switz Foods Pvt Ltd. (SPFL) would sell their cakes, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, etc. under the name of Monginis.

After a while of a fabulous business span, Switz Foods Pvt Ltd. decided to change its business strategy and started selling its own products under the name of Winky.

The Khorakiwala family was outraged with the decision and the two brands decided to separate legally. In a settlement meeting outside court, the companies settled on the decision that Switz Foods Pvt Ltd. will not sell any of its products in North East and West Bengal. And soon enough Monigins was wiped out of more than 200 outlets from around the region.

This is when Mio Amore came into existence about 25 years ago as all the franchises had taken the name that translated to My Dearest in Italian.


USP’s Mio Amore works on.

Affordability – Affordability and a check on price are one of the greatest strengths and USPs at Mio Amore. What may cost you a good 500 bucks at any other place comes quite affordable and lesser at Mia Amore. This attracts the youth, young adults, and even office goers a lot. If a customer is tempted for a cheesy delight or a tasty chocolate pastry, they can have it without shedding much from their wallets.

Ambiance and service – The servers at Mio Amore Franchise are always on the tips of their toes, serving their customers as quickly as they can.

The ambiance, on the other hand, is soothing, vibrant and welcoming that attracts a lot of customers. This prepares a strong selling point for the company.


How much investment is needed for a Mia Amore Franchise?

While there are several requirements and specifications to meet when starting a Mia Amore Franchise, the top most remains the investment.

The company coats an approximate amount of 12 lakh rupees as the requirement of the ownership of Mio Amore Franchise. This includes

  • 2 lakh rupees of advance deposit amount.
  • Interior design cost as per Mia Amore Franchise standards cost 5 lakhs.
  • Security deposit for display counter costs 5 lakhs.

Apart from it, a Mia Amore Franchise may cost one to invest about 30 to 40 lakhs. This includes

  • Complete setup of the kitchen.
  • A place with a carpet area of 250 sq feet on the ground floor and at least 10 feet of extended open space with parking.
  • Complete set up of a mini café.
  • Staff hiring
  • Inventory stocking


Requirements to own a Mia Amore Franchise


Considering the ambiance and the concept of the desert house, the area should be large enough to host a sitting arrangement for the customers. As per Mia Amore Franchise policy, at least 250 sq ft of area is needed for the outlet with 10 ft of frontage for openness in the outlet.

The outlet is supposed to be on the ground floor essentially with a considerable parking space.

The area should be further divided into the packaging department having enough space.


Availability of location

Before taking up a Mia Amore Franchise it is vital to take a thorough check on the process of availability of location. It is a must to consider which area has the best location and availability as per the company’s needs.

If there are too many outlets in one region, there is a fair chance the company may not allow you to open another one.

Another important consideration by Mia Amore Franchise is that the outlet should always have an easy reach and should be located on the main road.

A new Mia Amore Franchise should have at least a minimum distance of 2 km from the nearest Mia Amore Franchise outlet.


Experience and skills of the owner

The company provides a lot of help to the owners. When one applies for a Mia Amore Franchise, the company takes out a thorough check on the past experience of the owner of the business.

Business experience and past knowledge come out as the top priority for the company. On the second point comes the financial status of the applicant or the owner.


Training for the staff

Before the Mia Amore Franchise is open and ready for a run, it is exceptionally important for the staff to be trained as per the company standards. This job is on the head of the owner or the manager of the outlet.

For the business owner or the manager, the company provides training in market and strategy operations. This helps in smoothening in the running of the business for the new starters. The training is not limited to the establishing part. The company provides an in-depth manual to the owner of the Mia Amore Franchise where they have mentioned the goals of the company, its derivation, and the procedure of working along with answers to all kinds of questions or situations one can face while running an outlet.


Staff requirement

The staff requirement for the area of 200 to 250 sq ft is around 2 to 3 servers with a manager for the store.

The appointing of the staff members is done by the owner and not the headquarters of the company.


Why owning a Mia Amore Franchise is a great idea?

Affordable prices

Affordability is the key point of any Mia Amore Franchise. The company promises its customers a delightful taste of the food items like several other places in a price range that is incomparable and invincible.

The price range that is as low as 50 rupees for a good burger and just 35 rupees for a delicious muffin in appetizers attracts a lot of customers from every walk of life.


Reliable quality

When eating out, the priority of a customer is always the quality of the food that comes intact with a scrumptious taste.

The freshly made products are always kept high on quality standards as a mandatory element. Thus, the complaint about food is the last thing a Mia Amore Franchise would have to cater to.


Popular pastry shop

Mia Amore Franchise is growing up in popularity every single day. With affordable prices, terrific taste, and a great ambiance to be in is what attracts the customers the most. It has become a great walk-in outlet that serves over hundreds and hundreds of customers every single day.

With becoming a household name that attracts a large number of a young crowd, the place is always filled with smiling faces and happy customers.



The company ensures they are always helping out and is in a reachable position with the Mia Amore Franchise. The company provides constant help from before the establishment of the business to its routine running. From marketing support to strategy learning, to understand the company dynamics and goals, the franchise and the owner is always receiving support.

The company also makes sure they solve out any working troubles for a smooth everyday operational work of the Mia Amore Franchise.



Mia Amore is basically located in parts of Kolkata for more than 25 years. The company has been serving scrumptious food to its enormous customer base that is growing every single day. Now, the company is looking forward to expansion in other parts of West Bengal like Howrah.

The pastry makers are well known and beloved in West Bengal serving both vegetarian and nonvegetarian customers together. The USP of the company of serving brashly baked food is the greatest advantage it has over all the other competitor brands.

Price value and customer satisfaction are two key points that are very important to the company. This is what keeps the inflow of customers as well. The well-trained staff and the ambiance of the place is always a great deal at such an amazing price.

The customers are attracted as they do not have to spend a lot but can have a lot in a very less amount with a good ambiance.

Owning a Mia Amore Franchise provides multiple benefits starting from an already established brand value the company provides to new business. The business owner does not have to work hard on establishing the brand and attracting customers.

The establishment and ownership of a Mia Amore Franchise come easy and affordable too. With an overall investment of about 20 to 40 lakhs depending on your preference, the company only demands 12 lakhs for opening and running of a new Mia Amore Franchise.

The amount can be simply earned in less than a year’s time. The renewal of the contract also comes easy.

The space requirements for a Mia Amore Franchise are something to be taken care of before applying for it. There is a mandatory requirement of a 250sq ft of area with a 10 ft open front. The location of the outlet should be accessible and on the main road.

The company is already loved by millions and follows a very simple business model to ease up it’s working.