How to Open NetMeds Franchise
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How to Open NetMeds Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting NetMeds Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

NetMeds is a century old business leading in the pharmaceutical market. The company was named Tamil Nadu Dadha Pharmaceuticals Ltd. but changed with the demand of time and market. NetMeds franchise in India is a trusted place to get the medical and all other sanitation supplies from.

The company knew how to keep up with the market without losing out on its ethics of the family business. The company is now a giant in the online marketing of drugs and other medical products.

In 2018, the company announced its target of opening 1000 NetMeds franchise stores in the country. The market has already grown by 15 – 20 percent and so has NetMeds.


What are NetMeds’ USPs?


If you ask what makes NetMads unique, it is its incredibly long run and experience it has derived. The company was established in 1914, more than a century ago. In the year 2010, the company changed its dynamics and has been able to reach a larger base of customers.

Ever since the brand came online, it has been able to serve not just the metro cities but tier-II cities as well as tier III cities.

The brand is not only concentrated in money making but in providing the best and the most to its customer. The prices are affordable, the supply is accessible, and the quality of every single product is kept under check. The online platform has helped the company a lot in being accessible to more and more.


Incredible variety

The company is not restricted to medicines but has a lot more to offer like health products, skincare, body care, fitness products, etc. they also have products from a variety of companies to make sure the customer can choose what is best for them.


What are the requirements for opening a NetMeds franchise?


The Company has its focus on the space especially to cater to the customers in the right way. As per the company standards, the franchise needs a minimum of 300 sq feet of space. This is to accommodate customers while there is enough space to stock up and display products along with the outlet set up in the right way.

The location of the outlet should be around a colony on the main road. The outlet should be preferably on the ground floor. With the same enlisting, the company expects an average of 100 customers a day to visit the outlet.

Skills required

The brand believes in carrying out smooth business along with its franchise owners. For the same, the company only requires two noticeable skill sets from the franchise owners.

The first is the ability to invest. The franchise owner is expected to invest about 10 lakh rupees to start the franchise. For the people who are willing to invest but lack the amount, the company is even trying to help them through tying up with banks. This will help the franchise owners in getting loans easily.

The second required skill set its business ability. For the business, the company is looking for enthusiastic individuals who are willing to take risks. They are expected to have business abilities in order to grow the business as much as they can.

Training procedure

As the pharmacy business requires a lot of in detail procedures to carry out the business, the company makes sure to provide training on it. From technical to operational, all the activities come under training. The franchise receives a manual too for better working. Along with it, the staff gets training for dealing with customers at the same time while arranging the stock.


What are the benefits of owning a NetMeds franchise?


The franchise comes along with a century old brand name. People around the country already have their faith installed in the company. With the same, the new business owner does not have to work on building goodwill for his business.

The company also takes out national marketing campaigns that directly bring more business to individual franchise outlets.


The company ensures 100% support for the franchise.

For the starters, the company provides all the training for having a smooth run of the franchise. The company even provides all the technical and operational training. This indeed helps in better customer service. The franchise also learns how to keep up with the principals and working essentials of the company.

Getting loan support

The company wishes to help as many business owners as it can. For the same, the company is working hard and trying to get bank loans to all the applicants who are willing to start their business. The company is working alongside the applicants and with the banks and will soon be able to get all the loan applications approved too.

No supply bugs

NetMeds is a giant company that has 13 warehouses along with 35,000 stock keeping units in the entire country. These warehouses and stock keeping units keep a very smooth supply of all the products.

Every single product is available in the house and this makes the supply process super simple. The process is carried out for all the franchises, along with online orders from metro cities, tier II cities, and tier III cities.



When it comes to the recession, it never affects the pharmacy business. Humans will always need medicines and health care products to survive.

With owning a NetMeds franchise in India, an individual also gets 100+ years of goodwill and trust customers have put into the company. The reputation is everything for a business and the new business starter does not have to work hard for it.

The company’s main aim is to keep it affordable, accessible, and qualitative. This means rather than focusing on making money, the company aims to provide more and more to its customers.

Over the years, the company has grown into a giant online pharmacy that has affected the offline stores positively too.

The applicant requires a minimum amount of 10 lakh rupees along with the skills of running a business to set up a NetMeds pharmacy. The business is only going to be profitable to the owner.