How to Open Zomato Franchise
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How to Open Zomato Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Zomato Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

Zomato has changed the dynamics of the food industry completely. Today, the world does not have to step out of their space to get food, a superhero, wearing a red t-shirt brings it to us.

The times have changed and the world depends on online means of everything, including getting food.

While today there are a few more companies delivering food, the Zomato franchise in India is still the leader of the game.

The company was established by Deepinder Goyal under the name Foodiebay in the year 2008. After the company started getting popularity, the name was changed to Zomato in 2010. Ever since, the company has been expanding tremendously in India, UAE, Qatar, Sri Lanka, the UK, and so many more countries.

Currently, Zomato is operating in about 24 countries with 1.4 million restaurants. The company serves more than 60 million people every single month.


What is Zomato’s business model?

India is a humongous market for any industry. When it comes to food, there is a terrific scope of the growth of a business. Zomato held to this weakness of the people and introduced them to the easiest means of getting delicious food from restaurants right at home.

With its tech incredible aspect, Zomato was able to establish itself in the industry as the monopoly maker. People are addicted to Zomato and it is the other name for online food delivery today.

There are two different kinds of business models for Zomato.

Kitchen Partner

In this business model, you are not just providing food to the company but you are making a tie up with it. In this business model, the franchise owner is providing space and an established kitchen. The business owner can provide this kitchen to a restaurant to operate.

For the purpose, the business owner would have to buy or rent a space and establish a completely working kitchen with safety and work licenses.

Restaurant Partner

For this business model, the restaurant that wishes to be a partner with Zomato is kept in consideration. The restaurant is then allotted with a kitchen of at least 300 sq feet of space by the company in order to carry out a Zomato cloud kitchen service.


What are the USP’s of Zomato?

Spare space

If you have spare space and you wish to make some extra money out of it, the Zomato franchise is a great option. Transform the place into a kitchen and it will ensure you a steady income with a very low investment amount.

No extra effort

All you would have to do is invest some money and have a place. The rest will easily be taken care of by the company. They will help you with the planning. They even have their own contractors if you wish to go for it. The contractors will build the place as per the company requirement. This will keep you on the safer side and will require much less work on your side.


Starting a new business can be challenging. This is why Zomato makes sure they provide training and support to the business. The operations come as a challenge, for smooth working, the company provides in depth assistance so that the business can bear the risk.

The training and support will help you with better risk attainment and better utilization of resources.


Association with Zomato will also bring reputation and better work opportunities for you. As the place will be rented to a restaurant, there is a great chance of a great restraint taking it up. The company has earned impeccable goodwill over the years and it will help grow your business too.


How much does it cost to start a Zomato franchise?

To start with the Zomato franchise, the business owner will have to invest about 35 to 40 lakh rupees. This money will be invested in making the space filled as per the requirements of the company.

The company charges a fee of 10,000 rupees along with the taxes to visit and check the space before starting the franchise. If space is approved, the business owner has to pay 5 lakh rupees as a security deposit to the company.

Apart from this, the cost of essential bills and rent of the space will also be accommodated by the franchise owner.


What are the requirements to start a Zomato franchise?

To start a Zomato franchise, an area of 2000 to 3000 sq feet is a need. An ideal location for this property will be in an unoccupied mall or away from a high traffic street. As per the company, the property should have a parking space for at least 50 vehicles.

As it will be a commercial property and will be occupied in a restaurant, it is mandatory to get all the licenses and paperwork required for the business.

It is important for the property to have all the essential backup options like a generator for power supply, water supply, gas supply option, proper electricity availability, etc.

The design and the space are mandatory to be approved by the company. Space can only be built as per the company standards and requirements. It will be detailed to the franchise owned by the company guide.

There is no specification of the region given by the company. If Zomato is operating in the region then you can start up the cloud kitchen.



With the Zomato franchise in India, the business owner will be able to start a cloud kitchen. Cloud kitchen is a new concept in the food industry and is working great.

With the brand name and assistance of Zomato, the business will be easy as a breeze. If someone has spare space, or wish to invest money and make a steady income out of it, this business plan is a great option. The franchise owner would only have to let the restaurant use the kitchen.

All you have to do is maintain the place and Zomato will bring in the business for you. This will ensure a steady income.

This is a very attractive option if you have the investment amount.