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How to Open EKart Logistics Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

We need not tell that EKart Logistics is one of the biggest logistic services in the nation. And if you are planning to start an EKart Logistics Franchise in India, you are making the best decision.

The company has its franchises spread all over the country and yes, they make great money.

Started back in the year 2009, the company is associated with Flipkart. However, Flipkart is not the only company the logistic services work with.

Even if you had failed to notice, you have received a lot of couriers and orders by the logistic service.

We believe, this information was enough to enlighten you with the fact that EKart logistics is the best logistic brand to work with.


What is the USP of EKart Logistics?

EKart stands out of the crowd because of this USP. The logistics company provides one day delivery. While you must have heard Flipkart offering the option, every single one day delivery you get is by EKart. This gives the company an upper hand in the market. And it is also helping the company in growing as a leader in the industry.

This USP helps the company bringing in a lot of customers as people are always looking for faster delivery options these days.


What are the requirements to start an EKart Logistics franchise?


500 to 600 sq feet of office space is required to start the logistic service. The entire functioning of the logistics company is computerized. The orders come in virtually first than the collection and dispersal procedure takes place.

For the same, there has to be enough space to set up a work station with a few computers depending on the size of the region and type of franchise.

Documentation required

As it is a business, the required documents are mandatory to be submitted. This includes the identification proof of the owner of the business like Adhar Card, driving license, etc. Then the company also requires legal ownership or renting agreement documents for the space being used.


The equipment required to start and run the logistics company is just like any other. The mandatory requirement includes cargos, bar code readers, vehicles for transportation, stickers of the company, printers, stationery stock, maintenance checking equipment for the vehicles, etc.

Every single center has to have 3 computers at minimum as the company is mostly computerized work-based.


The company can be started with as few as 10 members of the staff. Out of the 10, a couple of them should be appointed to carry out work in the office space on computerized data. The rest have to be mentally and physically strong to make deliveries all day long and do their tasks right.


The investment required by the EKart Logistics franchise is the security amount that can fall between 50,000 rupees to 1 lakh rupees. This can depend on if the franchise is a subsidiary or a master franchise.

Other then this a lot of money is required for daily monthly and daily payments for the salary of the staff, setting up the facility and office, the maintenance of the vehicle, purchasing the vehicles, etc.


What are the benefits of owning an EKart Logistics Franchise?

EKart is owned by Flipkart and directly works with the company, this ensures impeccable reputation and never ending workflow.

The franchise owner can choose between subsidiary and master franchise option depending on its ability to invest. There is no pressure.

The company even provides training and support to the new franchise. This ensures smooth working and clear understanding of the operations to be carried out.

The terms and policies of the company are also very easy to meet.



After gathering all the information on the franchise, we have reached a conclusion. EKart Logistic franchise in India is the best option if you wish to grow in the industry.

The rate of return on investment is great. Their USP has kept them on the higher end of the market and thus they never stop getting work.

The company is associated with Flipkart that brings in reputation and goodwill for your business and you. The profit making is ensured with EKart.

If you are willing to start with logistic services, single and orders will not be enough to make enough profit. EKart is associated with Flipkart and a few other companies and thus the work can never be put on halt.