How to Open MRF Tires Franchise
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How to Open MRF Tires Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting MRF Tires Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

MRF Tires have conveniently changed their name to the synonyms of tires in the country. For years now, the MRF tires are running the streets and roads of India as the master of them. MRF Tires franchise in India is not just a name, but a market in itself.

While there are several other brands available in the market that have to face enough challenges even after years of establishment, every Indian has MRF in the heart. This makes MRF suffer the least with the competition and challenges of the Industry.

Madras Rubber Factory was established in 1946. It did not have a great name in the market. It was in the year 1952 when the company decided to make tires. In the next 4 years, the company had acquired 50% of the market. Since then MRF has never looked back.


What are the benefits of Owning MRF Tire franchise?

Started with nothing, the company has come a very long way. 50 years later today, the company did not just manage to survive in the edge cutting market but made it big. MRF is clearly in the lead compared to any of its adversaries.

MRF was the very first company of tire industry to cross profit of 5000 cr.

The company is working with extensive success. MRF has 9 mega production units in the country that distributes the tires all around the nation. This keeps the check on the quality of the tires and keeps them all exactly the same.

The company has several awards. To count the topmost, MRF has won the JD Power award for 12 years in a row. It has also won TNS and CAPEXIL for being the most trusted tier company in the country.

MRF makes sure it only provides the best quality tiers. Every single tire is closely monitored and checked before it goes out to the outlets and then to the customers.

To earn the name and to support young racers in achieving their dreams, the company also sponsors races and teams in the races.

MRF runs on high technology manufacturing units and operational work. This makes the company stand out.

The expansion model of the company is focused on the franchises. This gives the franchise owner a great hand at business.

With the impeccable popularity and trust, people have in the company, the growth of a new franchise will not take too many efforts.


What are the requirements to start an MRF Tires Franchise?


Storing and displaying bulky objects like tires need a huge space. This is why the company asks a minimum of 4000sq feet of space. The storage of tires is also done in the space to keep it convenient.

The store is required to be one the ground floor for easy loading and unloading. Tires can be extremely heavy depending on their size.


The investment amount to set and start-up an MRF franchise is around 23 lakh rupees. This includes the machinery and equipment the franchisee would need. Apart from this, an additional investment of 10 lakh rupees is also required.

Training and support

The greatest part about being an MRF franchise owner is that one will always have the company’s support. From setting up the franchise to getting the documentation done to stocking up, and lastly, to operation and smooth running, the company never leaves its franchise owner with any support.

Legal contract

MRF keeps the company’s heart in the distributors and the franchise owners. But it also needs to bind them with a contract. The contract allows the franchise owners with a designated number of years. After it is over, the franchise owner can renew the contract too.


For the last 60 years and more, the company had been at the top of its game. MRF tire franchises in India are on the top of the industry even after having several other competitors.

The company’s growth model focuses on franchises more for expansion more than production. In a year alone, the company sells about 9 lakh tires.

Owning an MRF tire franchise will bring you a lot of business along with great profits. Also, the company does not leave its franchise owners alone. The training and constant support is a great help in starting up a new business with absolute ease.