How to Open Blue Dart Franchise Courier Service
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How to Open Blue Dart Franchise Courier Service: Cost, Profit and Process

If you wish to get into association with the country’s finest logistic services then you must go with the Blue Dart franchise. BlueDart is the first name that pops up in the mind of anyone when it comes to transportation of packages. From a common person willing to post a letter, to a multinational company willing to ship their cargo and packages, BlueDart is everyone’s choice.

In the month of November in the year 1983, three people came together and started the logistics company. Tushar Jani, Khushroo Dubash, and Clyde Cooper were the ones who founded the company 37 years ago and now it has crossed the national borders.

Today, the company’s network is extremely widespread. It delivers to more than 14,000+ pin codes currently.


What are the USPs of Blue Dart?


The Company emphasizes securing the safety arrangements as their priority. The goods being carried are the responsibility of the company and thus, this attracts the trust of consumers.


Right from tiny villages to across international borders, BlueDart has grown in both directions. This gives the company brownie points against the competitors. The technology usage of the company is also focused and elaborated.


Company offers 24*7 customer support. They have an express delivery feature that keeps them ahead in the industry. The continuous tracking system is also an incredible feature that keeps the customer aware of the location of their package. The company has an incredible team of highly skilled management staff that works constantly to give valuable services to the customers.


What are the requirements of owning a Blue Dart franchise?


The space requirement for setting up a Blue dart Franchise directly depends on the region of operation. The size of the region makes a lot of difference. As per the company requirement, the space needed can be between 250 sq yards and 400sq yards.

The location of the franchise should be centrally located. This is to make the deliveries convenient and quicker as all the areas in the city get in closer access.


The company does not demand any specific skill requirements for the franchise. However, if the owner has prior experience in business or logistics, it would be a great help in starting the franchise. If not, simply hiring a supervisor or doing some research with hard work can be an equally great option.


The company has its headquarters in Mumbai but has about 35,000 regional head offices around the country. It is also spread in 220 countries across the borders.


Setting up a franchise can be a lot to take in at times. It is not easy to deal with operations, management, planning, and execution all at the same time. This is why the company offers complete training to the franchise.

A team of professionals would arrive from the headquarters to the franchise city. This team would then conduct the training. However, the training comes with a separate fee.


The requirement of the staff depends on the operation of the franchise. As much as the staff it may require to get all the work done can be appointed. The only thing to make sure is that every employee is able to complete its task or not.

The franchise owner or the manager/supervisor is the one who will be responsible for hiring the staff.


Documents are needed to submit before the franchise can be established. The owner’s identity proof and PAN card are required.

Then the rent agreement of the area being used for the franchise.

And a proper agreement of the tenure for the franchise is also needed.



BlueDart is undoubtedly the most trusted and renowned logistics and delivery service in the country. Established more than 30 years ago, the company has been expanding every single day.

With the headquarters in the company, the company has branch offices in about 35,000 locations domestically. The company has also grown across the borders as it operates in more than 220 countries.

With incredible reputation, a highly skilled professional team, excellent operational work, and hundreds of more things to count, taking a Blue Dart franchise will prove to be a great business opportunity.