How to Open Barbeque Nation Franchise
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How to Open Barbeque Nation Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Barbeque Nation franchise is the best thing to happen to a lot of us food lovers. The restaurant chain that serves flavors some relishing food has changed the way dinners eat.

Barbeque Nation brought the idea that buffet can also be a great and luxurious option for dinner to common people. The experience of the live grill at such an affordable price was not available to the common people before.

This is why in the year 2006, Sajid Dhanani decided to bring a wholesome dining experience with a great buffet and live grill option to the people. This is how the Barbeque Nation came into existence.

Barbeque Nation has grown furiously in just 14 years. The restraint chain has over 140 outlets. It is not only restricted to India as the chain has 4 restaurants in UAE, one in Omen, and one in Malaysia too.


What are the USPs of the chain?

The chain says it is international to be called by local at heart. This means, if you are in Jaipur, then the flavors of Rajasthan will be a part of the meal, and if you are in Lucknow, you will be greeted with flavors of Kebab in the air.

The live grill concept of the chain is what has become its identity. The restaurant serves the grill and then the customer on its own can serve the barbeques from the grill to them. This gives a personalized touch to the food.

Another important USP of the chain is the treatment. The chain as any other business keeps the customer as their king. This is why the menu has tons of options of starters, mains course, soups, dips, etc.


What are the requirements for a Barbeque Nation franchise?


Barbeque Nation is a restaurant and requires free space to get around. With the dining area, kitchen area, and inventory store, the carpet area should be a minimum of 4000-5000sq feet. To accommodate and give guests enough space, the company demands space mandatorily.

The location of the restaurant should be easily accessible, and luxurious or exotic at the same time to keep the standards of the company.

Investment cost

If you wish to own a Barbeque Nation franchise, then you need a sum of 1 to 2 cr rupees. This amount may sound a little too much but the investment will give you good returns. This amount includes the rent of the property, establishment of the franchise, the d├ęcor of the restaurant, the cutlery, staff salary, maintenance, and a few other costs.

The investment is quickly recovered once the outlet starts running.


The franchise owner must have thorough experience in the industry and exceptional skills to run the franchise as per the company’s reputation.

The staff required in the franchise completely depends on the region of operation. A city like Delhi, which accommodates a great number of customers every day, will have more employees than any other tier 2 city.

The staff should be trained to operate the live grilling and have the correct customer service skills as per the company.

The company provides on location training for the staff.


Benefits of owning a Barbeque Nation franchise

The franchise comes with an unsaid claim of making returns on investment and then a good amount of profit.

The owner and the staff members get to associate with a prestigious name in the Food and Beverages Industry.

The company never leaves the franchise owner alone. They are always present to help with all kinds of problems the owner may be facing.

The restaurant chain offers an exotic dining experience and has already build immense popularity.



To own a Barbeque Nation Franchise, the owner has to have past experience in the industry.

With incredible popularity and reputation of the company, the staff has to be thoroughly trained; the area required should be more than 4000 to 5000 sq feet.

The investment amount required for the franchise falls from 1 to 2 cr rupees.

The incredible popularity of the chain brings a lot of customers without any additional marketing. The company operates in metro cities as well as tier 2 cities.

If you have the amount of investment and incredible meals every single day, then Barbeque Nation is the best option to take the franchise.