How to Open Ribbons and Balloons Franchise
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How to Open Ribbons and Balloons Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Cutting a cake is a mandatory part of any celebration. Is it even a celebration without a cake? About 10 to 20 years ago, the cakes we cut came from our mother’s kitchen, but Ribbons and Balloons Franchise changed it forever.

With their first franchise in Mumbai, the confectionary brand revolutionized cakes and their incredible taste and décor.

Satish.V.Shetty started the confectionary in 2005 and since then the company is only growing.


Benefits of owning a Ribbons and Balloons franchise?

The franchise comes with a prevalent reputation. The confectionary is prominently known and trusted in Mumbai. It has become a household name in the last 15 years.

The company employs 700+ people who bake delicious cakes as per the standards of the confectionary and serves its customers.

The company has an elaborate client base as it is spread all over Mumbai. Every major region or society would have a Ribbons and Balloons outlet.

Associating with the brand will bring you the trust of the clients, a great reach to millions of people, and a mega group to be a part of.


What are the requirements to open a Ribbon and Balloon franchise?


All the outlets of the company are spacious and this has become the mark of the confectionery chain. This is why it is mandatory to have at least 600-650 sq feet of carpet area. This attracts more customers and keeps the ambiance calm and composed.

The location of the outlet is mandatory to be at a high footfall place like a rushed street, a populated society, a shopping mall, etc.



If a person wishes to start a Ribbon and Balloon franchise, then they need to have the amount of investment required. Depending on multiple factors, the amount of investment can vary between 10 lakh to 20 lakh rupees. This amount includes complete décor of the space as per the company norms, some equipment, stock, and other vital things to begin with.



Being a confectionary, the accuracy of taste and quality is important for the chain. The company makes sure that all the employees involved in baking have the right skill set.

Each outlet can have 7-8 members of staff who are thoroughly aware of their responsibilities and duties.

Knowledge of the F&B industry is also important for the owner as well as the staff members working in the outlet.

In case the company has a new product or recipe, the workers should be trained enough to learn them.



The first Ribbons and Balloons franchise opened up just 15 years ago. Ever since the company has been growing tremendously. The confectionary chain has several outlets in Mumbai and they are now growing in Mangalore and areas closer to the city.

The company sells all kinds of bakery products and has become a customer loved brand over the years.

Every outlet makes enough profit to get the return of investment cost out in about a year. Associating with such a great chain is only going to bring you success.