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How to Open JIO Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting JIO Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

The revolutionary Jio Franchise came into play in December 2015, but very few people know that the Jio project was started in the year of 2007, and softly launched in 2015. It’s because it was a huge project; that’s why the founder of this company, Mr. Mukesh Ambani, decided to launch India’s first 4G internet network. You can say it was a visionary project, and today we know how it is performing in the Indian market.

This visionary project did some extraordinary things between these nine years to establish it as the biggest competitor in the market. Like they had laid out 250,000 kilometers of fiber optics cables in many cities of India, they became partners with well-established brands in India and approached many distributors and retailers. And the result is in front of all of us; currently, Jio is one of India’s biggest companies that is also representing India worldwide.

Today, on this post, we are going to look at how beneficial it is to be a part of the franchisee business model of Jio and how you can do this in the right way. So, let’s dive a bit deeper to know more about this Jio franchise in India.


Possible Benefits Of Being A Part of Jio Franchise Business Model

  • Because currently, Jio is one of the most reputable brands or companies in the Indian market on which most Indian consumers trust. In short, you will be a part of a trusted company, and ultimately you will get benefits from this.
  • Remember that it is not the peak of success for Jio because soon, they are planning to launch India’s first 5G internet network. And by joining the Reliance Jio Franchise in India, you can get more exposure as a retailer or distributor or franchisee in the future.
  • There were rumors that Jio company is planning to launch the JioMart service by building a partnership with Facebook. This service is going to be all about connecting the local small grocery stores to the customer, as the other online stores do.
  • Reliance Jio recently opened its doors for other international investors, directly indicating that Jio has some big future plans for Indian consumers.


How To Be A Part of Jio Franchise Business Model

Now, if you are sure to become a partner with this Jio’s franchise business model, then there are three ways to become the partner. Now let’s take a look at these three ways and how you can become one of them by following the proper guidelines.


Becoming A Jio Distributor

Becoming a Jio distributor is not that easy as the other two ways; it’s because there are a lot of things that you need to ensure before applying to be a distributor.

  • First thing first, you must have a well-established business to apply for it. And it should be quite popular in the city/town where your business is present.
  • Your business must support the infrastructure of the Jio franchise; otherwise, it will become tough to join the Jio franchise as a distributor.
  • Your business should have a good amount of equity in the market and also should have a good connective with the retailers. Remember, the Jio franchise team can track everything about your business before giving you the distributorship.
  • Finally, if your business fulfills all the requirements per Jio’s infrastructure, then the sales team will approve your business for distributorship as per your business’s ability.


Becoming A Jio Retailer

  • It would be great if you apply to be a retailer of the Jio franchise if you have a well-established business in your local town/city/area.
  • To become a retailer, you must sell the smartphone devices and other connectivity items such as SIMs and wifi connections.
  • Before applying for it, make sure that you have the PRM code/retailer code for completing transactions with brands.
  • Other than this, you should follow all the requirements and guidelines released by the government; this will increase your chances of being a Jio retailer.

Jio retailers’ revenue model works like this; if you sell a SIM card, you will get 20 Rs. Of earning, and if you do online recharge via the MyJio app, then you will get 6 Rs. The commission seems a bit less, but don’t forget that the overall numbers or consumers are continuously increasing day by day.


Becoming A DTH Dealer

  • To become a DTH dealer of Jio, you must have a physical space where you sell the electronic items and offer the DTH services to consumers.
  • Some guidelines already present online that you can read have included all the requirements that your business must-have.
  • The Jio DTH dealership is present in almost all the big cities of India, and the Jio franchises provided this facility to the rural area’s dealers as well.


How To Apply for JIO Franchise And Where To Apply

  • Becoming a Jio retailer/distributor/DTH dealer is so simple and easy; you just need some essential documents for it.
  • The documents you have to submit are like this: two passport-sized photographs, printed copies of Aadhar card or VoterID card, a proof government authorized address proof, and some other basic information.
  • For applying for any membership, you can find the forms online, where you can upload essential documents and fill the required information as per need. The online application process is very accessible and easy to do for all the above-listed memberships of the Reliance Jio Franchise Business model.
  • For better knowledge and applying for any membership, you can go to any nearby local Reliance Jio Branch.


Requirements to start Jio franchise


The shop will have a 200- 300 square ft. carpet area in an area with ample storage room for the broadband equipment.

The minimum area needed for Jio DTH installation is 250 square ft. Concerning the DTH link there should be facilities and sufficient staff should be qualified and available for the services. There should be an exhibition of various Jio items.


Skills or Experience needed

There are no barriers to launching a Jio dealership, women seeking to revive, businesswomen wanting to enter, experts eager to know are all invited.


Minimum staff requirements

They need a total of 8-12 staff members. A membership in Jio ensures that workers are required to make house visits to install Jio services. Staff should be skilled in interpersonal communication, should be team players, should have the ability to learn, strong in management of relationships and communication.


How much does it cost to start a Jio Franchise in India?

The original budget on office chairs, desk, and computer-side seating area would vary from Rs. 2 and 4 lakhs. Jio DTH’s capital spending ranges from Rs. 2-5 lakhs and costs for the distributor are Rs. 50,000.

Based on the region and location, the onetime refundable amount paid by reliance is Rs. 15,000, 5,000, and 75,000.

This is how you can apply to the different memberships of Reliance Jio, and make sure to follow all the essential guidelines released by the Jio company and government. And by becoming a Jio distributor/retailer/DTH seller/dealer, you can ensure your business’s better exposure to the consumers. It’s because the new 5G technology and the other new services will attract new customers like the 4G and cheap data charges did in the past. In short, you can make your business future proof by joining with the Jio franchise business model.