How to Open Phixman Franchise
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How to Open Phixman Franchise: Cost, Profit and Process

Are you looking for starting Phixman Franchise at your location in India? If Yes, then please read this post.

Phixman is a company whose focus is on delivering the fastest gadget repair services to local customers India.

Phixman History

This company was started by Shaad and Atul Ranjan in Indore in 2015, as both came to know each other while pursuing mechanical engineering from a college in Indore. However, they applied the idea of the business after about one year of completing the course.

They started the company in Indore, but, seeking better business opportunities, the company shifted to Delhi in 2017. The company is growing rapidly, and it has opened 25 Phixman franchise in India in states including Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, and Jammu and Kashmir.


What are the Phixman’s USP?

Well-reputed and fast-growing

Phixman is among the largest network of gadget repairing companies in India. It has gained the reputation and trust of its customers because of the excellent management. Also, their way of dealing with customers is appreciated by all. This fast-growing company has spread across the country with about 25 Phixman franchise in India in 15 states.


Speed and quality maintenance

Phixman assures to solve any issue of devices within time. You only need to sign up on the site and provide some details regarding your problem. After that, an executive will pick up the gadget from their home, and the gadget is delivered back to them when the repairing work is complete. From the pick up to the delivery of the device, all this gets done within 24 hours. Customers can also opt to avail of the services offline at the stores.

They never compromise on the quality of the service, as they have always focused on the customer’s experience. The team consists of well-experienced engineers, and also the equipment uses modern technology.


Benefits of having Phixman Franchise in India

In this digital era, everyone needs to get their smartphones, tablets, and other devices fixed as fast as possible. Due to this, we can say that Phixman is running a never stopping business. So, owning a franchise of such a brand is an excellent idea for a secure future. We will mention some other benefits below:

  • The company discusses the total estimation of return on investment with the franchise before they finalize the deal.
  • They offer proper training to all the employees going to work at the new franchise outlet. They provide a manual and an expert to guide them in the beginning.
  • The franchise gets operational and technical certification from the company, which will result in good outcomes for the long term.
  • The company provides its franchise with advanced equipment and services. They have also provided an online and offline platform, which results in a good profit for the franchise.


What are the requirements for setting up a Phixman franchise?

Following are the requirements that need to be kept in check before the candidate become the owner of Phixman franchise in India:

  • The franchise outlet to set up needs a minimum area of 200-500 sq. Ft., which the franchise can own or take on lease.
  • The franchise outlet needs to have at least 10-15 staff employed. The staff and other employees need to have decent communication skills, and they should be polite towards their customers. The engineers should be highly professional, and they all should know electronic devices and how a gadget repair company runs.
  • The whole team of the franchise also needs training to get started, which the parent company offers. Phixman provides a beginner manual to its franchise. It also assigns an expert for each franchise at the beginning of the start-up for all their queries.


How much does it cost to start a Phixman franchise in India?

The agreement between the franchisee and the parent company is signed for ten years. There is a renewal option after that period. The company explains the return on investment to its franchise before they confirm the deal. The investment is as below:

  • The total investment is nearly 14,00,000 Rupees.
  • The parent company charges a one-time franchise fee of Rs. 300,000 and a brand fee of Rs. 800,000.
  • The investment will also include 7% royalty fees per month.



With the details as mentioned above, the aim of Phixman is straight forward, and it has been able to secure its place in the market very well. They are making sincere efforts to meet the requirements and satisfaction of their customers. Anyone who wants a start-up in the technical field, association with a brand like Phixman will be the best.

Phixman is ready to achieve the target of more than 500 service centers in India, increasing its capability to provide after-sales services for any gadgets to its customers.